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Video vs. 3D Animation: The 10 Second Challenge

Keep it short Four times as many users would rather watch a 3D animation of a product demonstration than read a description.  This leavs no doubt about the benefits of video on your website. But video is no exception to the challenge of keeping user engagement and attention. Two-thirds of users prefer videos that are 60 seconds or shorter. This …

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3D Animations Following In The Footsteps of Websites

Do you remember the days when building a website was the thing that only IT geeks could do? It took countless hours and a big chunk of your wallet. Nowadays, you don’t need to be a web developer to build a web page, nor a technologically savvy person. Thanks to an extensive list of services and tools, such as website …

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5 Reasons Why 3D Animation Beats Video

The digital landscape has changed tremendously over the last few years. The truth is that majority of consumers prefer watching to reading and this leads to a massive expansion of video content marketing. Video is a powerful instrument that helps to tell your story in an easy and comprehensible way but with 3D animation you can do it even easier, …

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