3D Industrial Animation

Industrial animation is every video that shows tools, industrial devices, construction processes, or other technical aspects of various industries. It helps companies to showcase what they are doing and how they do it.

3D animation is a great way to illustrate functionalities of a product that are not visible to the human eye in normal applications. It provides viewers with a multi-dimensional picture so the product can be seen from the inside and from the outside. It can follow the product through the interior and underground locations to show viewers how it works in various environments.

The capabilities 3D animation offers to make it a terrific way to market several types of products, but it is especially beneficial in the marketing of technical and industrial products. These products are quite complex and 3D animation provides a complete view that simplifies the processes involved. Read on to find out why it is a convenient marketing tool for your industrial or technical business.

Simplify the Complex

Industrial machines and products tend to be complex and hard to explain. This fact gives the marketing departments of manufacturers and suppliers a difficult challenge to face. How to express the benefits of their products to their potential buyers in a clear, precise, and engaging way?

The answer, for even the most intricate of industrial technology or machinery, is 3D industrial animation. At PinkSquare we specialize in industrial animations to create detailed animated videos that simplify complex industrial propositions and elegantly demonstrate the capabilities of any product you can think of – large or small.

6 Benefits of Industrial 3D Animation Videos

The benefits of industrial animation as a part of your marketing strategy can be summed up in 6 primary points:

1. Profit-minded prototyping

3D industrial animation can be used to design a virtual prototype and expose it to the market before the finalized product is developed. This is also a good idea to ensure that your product is going to be successful as with an industrial animation of your product you can reach out to your potential customers before the release for valid feedback.

2. The first impression lasts forever

Would you like potential customers to remember your product? 3D product animation can make the most mundane, everyday product look spectacular. And not only will your potential customers remember your product, but they are also more likely to trust your brand. Customers’ trust then can easily lead to conversions.

3. Incredible visual results

No other audio or visual medium compares to 3D industrial animation when it comes to providing a concise and stunning portrait of an item or product. Industrial animation gives viewers the option to see the product from many different angles.

4. Clear communication

Whether for sales, marketing strategy, or presentations, industrial animation allows you to communicate the unique benefits and key points of your industrial product quickly and concisely.

5. Interest and retention

The sales collateral or manual for industrial products is generally rather long. Potential buyers can lose interest before they absorb the main selling points of these documents. But people are drawn to movement and color.  3D industrial animations engage your audience with motion and movement encouraging interest and increasing retention.

6. Product updates

Live-action video is expensive and it’s costly and difficult to adapt the finished video to highlight product updates. With 3D animation, these changes are simple edits, easily letting you showcase modifications and improvements, without having to create new marketing videos from scratch.

Why Implement Industrial Animation into Your Marketing Strategy

Video marketing has been a powerful marketing tool for businesses for many years now. Videos are gaining a lot of traction for companies across all industries, no matter the size of their business. And why is that? It is because videos are more interesting than a written description of a product and therefore keep viewers’ attention.

Let’s look at the current trends, which show the power of video marketing:

  • 95% of people have watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service
  • People watch an average of 19 hours of online video per week
  • 86% of businesses use video as a marketing tool
  • 92% of marketers value video as an important part of their marketing strategy
  • 87% of marketers reported good ROI with video

Industrial products take a big investment and often require a long-term contract with the seller or manufacturer. Companies need to think carefully before making a purchasing decision.

3D video provides an accurate view of your product making clients confident that they are making a smart purchasing decision. They will also be impressed by your modern marketing aesthetic and your fun and engaging delivery. It will show you as a company that is transparent, trustworthy, and worth partnering with for the long haul.

3D Animation VS. Live-Action Marketing Videos

  • 3D animation makes it easy to create exploding assemblies, cutaways, section views, or dissolved components to show internal parts but this would be complex and expensive with live-action video. 
  • There’s no need to pay for models, extra lighting, or wait for the right weather. No need for expensive diving equipment, technical cameramen, or specialized camera equipment. Whatever environment your product is built for, be that underwater, agricultural, or manufacturing, can be easily simulated in 3D animation without the need to film on location.
  • Even if your product is still just a prototype, you can present it to customers or investors through a 3D animation presentation.
Industrial animation

Industrial 3D product animation for marketing and sales

  • Publish your new 3D product video on your company website. 
  • Post your product video on social media to increase engagement and showcase your product’s benefits.
  • Add 3D animated video to the toolboxes of both your sales department and your customer services department. It can explain the complexities of your product to potential customers or purchasers better than any salesperson or text and image presentation.

3D animation product videos are ideal to showcase processing machines, ball mills, sand washing machines, molding machines, assembly lines, indoor climate products, hydraulic technologies, mobile machinery, or any other industrial machinery or equipment. 

PinkSquare does 3D animations for all types of companies, including construction, and consumer goods businesses. Want to get started right away? Send us a request for your free proposal.

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