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of customers say video helps
them make buying decisions.

1.8 Million words

is what 1 minute of video equals
to your audience
-Forrester Research

80% increase

is the potential increase of
conversions on a landing page

A good product deserves
a good presentation

Your product deserves the best presentation and Pinksquare is the best 3D animation company for your needs. 3D Animation is a great way to let the product present itself. Especially if you use the animation on your website and on social media. Animating your product in 3D is an easy way to create great content that engage your audience and ultimately affect sales positively.

A 3D product animation will not only help you highlight all the features of your product but will also memorably showcase the product’s features.

Industrial technology and machinery can be complex and hard to explain. We specialize in creating detailed animated videos that will simplify complex industrial propositions.

In a 3D technical animation, you can explain how your product works. A 3D animation can also transform how your customers look at your product.

3D construction animation can be used for marketing but also for instructional purposes. 3D animation allows your clients to view different parts of it and have a 360-degree view.

From our clients

“The animation produced by PinkSquare went above and beyond all expectations.“
Chris Kirn

Flow green LLC

“We have in connection with the realisation of our 3D video instructions received help from PinkSquare. The key words for the cooperation were, creativity, efficiency and quality.“
Sif Orbesen

Orbesen Teknik

“It has been a super experience from beginning to end. Easy, efficient and a fantastic service.”
Eva Baek


“Very happy and feel like we got excellent value for money working with you”
Peter Miller

President, Advanced Material Solutions

Our Experience

Our 3D animation company has a team of specialists who offer your company the best 3D animation services, which will help you with creating marketing solutions that inspire your customers to take action.





What do you need from me to create my animation?

To estimate the price of an animation and to subsequently produce it, we need some basic information and preferably some reference material from you. In this article, you can find detailed information. You can also have a look at our step-by-step brief creator, which will help you identify your ideal 3D animation.

Which types of 3D animations can you help me with?

Our 3D animation company is specialized in creating technical product animations. We can help you with product animation, industrial animation, technical animation, construction animation, and medical device animation as well as instruction animation and interactive 3D product visualization

How long will it take you to deliver the final animation?

The majority of animations we work on take 2-4 weeks to produce. However, it can take as little as a day or as long as several months depending on whether you need a simple 10-second animation or a complex 5 min. production.

What is the production process?

Throughout the whole production process, there are four main steps in which we make sure that we understand your idea of 3D animation the best we can, so we can deliver the perfect 3D animation for your company.

For more details go to this page where we describe our production process in detail.

Why should I choose PinkSquare?

We are a 3D animation company with 16 years of experience and during this time we have worked on more than 1000 projects. Our mission is to make the process of purchasing 3D animation easy, fast and affordable. Find out more about our company on this page.

How much is it going to cost me?

Our pricing depends on different pricing factors. For example, will you supply us with a 3D model or should we model it ourselves? What is the anticipated length of your animation? Find detailed information on this page.


With 3D product animation, you can take advantage of the latest technology to bring your products to life and captivate your audience in a truly unique and memorable way.

  • 3D animations can help increase engagement with potential customers by creating an interactive experience. Use them to showcase how your products work, their features and benefits, and demonstrate their assembly or disassembly. This can help potential customers better understand your product and make more informed purchasing decisions.

  • Consistent branding is the key to creating a strong brand identity. With 3D animations, you can ensure that your products are presented in the same way across all marketing channels. This helps to create a cohesive brand identity and reinforces the product’s key features and benefits.

  • 3D product animation is cost-effective because it eliminates the need for multiple photoshoots or video shoots, allowing you to create multiple marketing materials from a single 3D model of your product. This saves time and money by avoiding costly reshoots and creating a consistent brand image across all marketing channels.

Input from you

To estimate the price of an animation and to subsequently produce it, we need some basic information and preferably some reference material from you.

Our process

Get to know our production process. By following these 4 steps, the process is made transparent, easy and the production time is shortened while still reaching the right final result.