PinkSquare’s 3D animations turn your product into stunning visual content. We provide 3D animation services for a wide variety of businesses within industrial, construction and consumer industries. Here our animation videos are used for promotional, demonstrational, and commercial purposes. Continue to discover more about our 3D product animations, the types of businesses we serve and the animated 3D content we create.


industrial 3d product animation highlight reel

For the production of goods for sale, in factories or other sectors, industrial 3D animation simplifies complex mechanical and manufacturing propositions. They provide a clear inside-out view of how machinery works, making factory operations a pleasure to watch.

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construction 3d product animation highlight reel

PinkSquare’s computer-aided 3D animations transform heavy construction machinery or HVAC systems from static 2D design to reality. We also produce instructional 3D guide videos for equipment operation and product installation or assembly.

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3d consumer product animation highlight reel

Realistic 3D product animations and demonstrations instantly grab the attention of your potential customers. Showcase your product’s functionalities or demonstrate its assembly using simple and clear visualization achieved only with 3D animation.

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3d Product Animation

That’s how 3D animation can help your company and increase sales

3D animation makes demonstrating your product easy. The 3D animation can show the product from different angles, allowing a 360 degrees rotation, also one can look inside the product. This helps your customers visualize your product, moreover, they get a better understanding of your product (especially if it’s very complex!).

3D animations can also communicate your product’s features and distribute it very clearly, precisely, and in a way that engages your customers. Visually engaging content makes it easier for your customers to understand and remember the information in your message, making it more likely to buy your product. By showing potential customers your 3D animation, they would quickly understand what the product may look like and how it works.

One important thing to remember is that people are four times more likely to watch a video of a product demonstration than to read a description. This leaves no room for doubt about the benefits of collaborating with 3D animation company. It makes it easier to capture people’s interest, keep it, and be remembered, as such product video differs from all the others which simply use text, images and 2D videos.

3D animation opens new possibilities

Many commercials and product videos are promoted on social media. However, social media has recently lost a lot of its credibility, so people who show interest in your product might even be scared that it’s a scam. This is especially true if you don’t have your physical product yet, but only one prototype. 3D allows you to show what you’re working on before you actually do it.

With a 3D video you show that you have thought your product through, devised the most important details, and used resources to make an exciting video. A 3D video demonstrates the transparency of your business by putting all the cards on the table without hiding anything. It will make your customers happy.

3D animations can tell the story of your company

3D animation company can do more than just demonstrate how your product works. It could be a short story where your product or brand are included naturally. In addition, you can add short, informative sentences to your product’s video which without the animation would be harder for people to comprehend. The basic reason for using video rather than simply writing the text in an advertisement is because the human brain processes images much faster than text. Therefore, your customers would rather watch a video and get a quick impression of whether your product is something for them or not.

However, it’s not just about getting people to watch the video, but also converting them to customers. Product pages that added a 360 degree video have experienced an increase of 20% in conversion rates, as well as a significant reduction in return items, as the customers know exactly what they are buying.

There are a lot more advantages to using 3D animations for your product than the ones mentioned above. For example, a 3D animation can boost your search engine optimization. This is because people stay longer on your website if you have 3D animation, which means that Google considers your content more valuable – and you get higher in search results.