Whatever your line of work is, a 3D product video will ensure that your viewers can visualize the products you offer. PinkSquare delivers the finest detail-oriented 3D videos for your technical and marketing needs. Be it a B2C or a B2B video; we strive to create the perfect content for you. But first we need some input from you, as behind every great video there’s an equally great plan.




For us to quote and produce a 3D product video we need a description of what is going to happen from beginning to end. This is what is called the storyline. It can be in bullet form (see example below), described in a few paragraphs, maybe you have a relevant link to a similar video/product or even a smartphone recording. Alternatively we can jump on a call and create it together.


Example of a basic storyline:


  • Show product name and company logo for 3 seconds
  • Sofa is showing from the front (white background)
  • Turns slightly so that the side of the armrest is showing
  • Sofa folds out, makes a 360 degree turn and folds back again
  • Turns back to frontal view
  • Logo and slogan showing for 3 seconds




Duration of 3D product video


The duration of the content will depend on the type of product and the storyline. Also, think about the length of the videos your audience likes to watch. A usual video lasts anywhere from 20 to 60 seconds, but some might go above that range, depending on the requirements. Do you need a short product video? Excellent. We’ll create a 20-second piece tailored to your tastes. Do you need a longer, in-depth product video that explains the process of setting up a specific product? Even better. Give us an idea of how long you would like the video to be.




Look and quality of 3D product video


Next, there is the aesthetics of your 3D product video. How would you want the video to look? Feel free to send us an example of a video from PinkSquare you’ve seen before. It enables us to see which style you had in mind. A simple white background is sometimes all you need. However, some videos will cost more. For example when landscapes and industrial workshops are necessary to showcase the product in its natural habitat.




A 3D model of the product is an immense help when crafting a video. In case you have a model, photos, or technical drawings, send them over so our team can craft an accurate depiction of the product. Note that if you can send us the model, the end price will be reduced. If not, our team will make the model.


3d model of sofa




If you have a meeting or a presentation coming up shortly, we understand it’s crucial to have a 3D product video as soon as possible. Let us know when is the deadline so we can give you your quote and start working quickly.


deadline for 3D product video
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