Industrial animation is every video that shows tools, industrial devices, construction processes, or other technical aspects of various industries. It helps companies to showcase what they are doing and how they do it.

Industrial Animation

3D animation is a great way to illustrate functionalities of a product that are not visible to the human eye in normal applications. It provides viewers with a multi-dimensional picture so the product can be seen from the inside and from the outside. It can follow the product through the interior and underground locations to show viewers how it works in various environments.

The capabilities 3D animation offers to make it a terrific way to market several types of products, but it is especially beneficial in the marketing of technical and industrial products. These products are quite complex and 3D animation provides a complete view that simplifies the processes involved. Read on to find out why it is a convenient marketing tool for your industrial or technical business.

It Makes Complex Ideas Easy to Understand

The complex systems industrial and technical products use to function can be difficult to explain in words. Try to do so, and it’s likely your clients will be bored to tears!

If you integrate 3D animation, you will come up with a more engaging way to get your point across. You can show processes that wouldn’t be as easy to illustrate in live video, and because real-time doesn’t apply you can do so in a more efficient manner.

You Can Customize it to the Client’s Needs

The idea behind your product could potentially confuse the viewer. For example, if you have an engineering company and some of your customers are amateurs within the engineering sector. What’s more, they have specific demands as to what kind of product they want.

With the help of an industrial video, you can elaborate on the concepts behind your next engineering project and tailor it to the demands of your clients. Alternatively, you can customize the engineering animations and customize them when changing clients.

Saves Time and Money

3D animation may seem like it’s unaffordable due to the slick presentation format it provides. But it can actually be a cost-effective choice for many industrial companies.

When used as a training tool, it can cut back on using staff for training allowing them to focus on tasks that make better use of their time. It can also be passed on from worker to worker so you don’t have to keep setting up training sessions for each new employee or product you are teaching your staff to use.

It also saves money as compared to live video which requires renting a studio and hiring actors. It will never require costly, last-minute location changes and cancellations. All you need is an animator and an editor and you are good to go.

3D animated video is a great investment. It will not look dated over time. If any updates are required, you can simply edit the video without the need to reshoot. You will be able to use your footage for years to come.

3D animation saves Time and Money

Additionally, 3D video can be shared across a variety of platforms and repurposed yielding a great ROI.

What’s more, with so many types of 3D animated videos available, you are bound to find one that suits your budget.

Promotes Your Product

If you are looking for a fun and engaging way to promote an otherwise complex product, 3D animation is the way to go. It’s a great alternative to dull speeches and it will accurately show your product’s value serving as an effective way to increase conversions.

It can also be easier, cheaper, and faster to show your audience a video where they see the whole process. Additionally, you can reuse the existing videos in later marketing campaigns if the products or services stay the same.

It Will Make Your Clients Want to Take Action

Industrial products take a big investment and often require a long-term contract with the seller or manufacturer. Companies need to think carefully before making a purchasing decision.

3D video provides an accurate view of your product making clients confident that they are making a smart purchasing decision. They will also be impressed by your modern marketing aesthetic and your fun and engaging delivery. It will show you as a company that is transparent, trustworthy, and worth partnering with for the long haul.

If you want to provide a medium that clearly explains how industrial and technical products work, 3D animation is the way to go. How will you be integrating it into your presentations?