When it comes to the world of digital marketing, video is king. It is more engaging than other mediums. It is also more memorable which makes it an effective learning tool.

There are many types of video that can be used in marketing, but 3D animation is especially appealing. It provides a complete view allowing clients to see how products work from the inside out and in various applications. Here are some reasons you should consider including it in your campaigns.

Video has been shown to improve learning capabilities. It is a more memorable format than text or images alone.

3D animation marketing is even more effective than regular video marketing. It shows viewers how products function by providing exterior and interior views. It can follow them underground, inside of surfaces, and more.

Once viewers glean this information, they will get the entire picture and have a comprehensive understanding of how your product operates.

It Promotes Transparency

3D animation shows exactly how your product works and the value it can add to clients’ lives. This makes them more likely to trust your company and the products you offer. It will increase the chances of them investing in your goods and entering into a long-term contract with your business.

Communication with No Limits

With 3D animation, it’s possible to provide a quick visual summary that communicates a product or process precisely, without any distractions. It can also do this in a short space of time, short enough to keep your client’s attention, but long enough to clearly demonstrate a product and its purpose.

Showcase a product from its best angles, look inside it and demonstrate how to assemble it in a simple way. There are no limits to what can be shown with 3D animation. Move through the solid steel of an engine into the cylinders and pistons, or show an installation seamlessly without hands getting in the way. 3D animation can demonstrate a product in ways that are far beyond what traditional photography or video can show.

It Tells Complex Stories

It can be difficult to explain certain concepts to clients with words alone. Even some 2D images may fall short. 3D animation shows how a product works from the inside out making for a simple and entertaining way to convey complex ideas.

Minimizes Returns

When you show someone how a product works using text and images, they may not fully understand what it offers. If they end up receiving a product that’s not what they were expecting, they may return it which results in increased expenses for the company and unhappy customers that may leave unfavorable reviews on Yelp and other review sites.

3D animation provides a precise picture of what customers can expect from your product making for fewer returns and an improved company reputation.

Engage Customers & Increase your Sales

Many manufacturing companies struggle to endlessly produce engaging content for their customers. 3D product animation is engaging content that can be highly effective in communicating product features, advantages, and installation instructions, and ultimately helps to boost conversions and sales.

Whether it’s showing product features, device setup, or an installation guide, 3D animation has clear benefits to help grab customer attention, drive conversions, and ultimately sales. Still, many companies think that 3D animation is expensive and the process complicated. This isn’t just the case. At PinkSquare we dedicate ourselves to improving the experience of purchasing 3D product animation, especially for small and medium-sized companies.

Increases Retention Rates

Effective marketing will keep consumers on your website longer. The longer a person stays, the more likely they will be to check out your other pages and products and learn more about your company.

3D animation marketing keeps people engaged so they will stay while watching your videos. This will cause them to form a favorable view of your company and it will make them more likely to convert in the future.

It Boosts SEO

As previously discussed, 3D animation boosts retention rates. Not only do retention rates increase conversions, they also improve SEO.

When people stay on your web page, it affects search engine algorithms so you are more likely to appear on the top of web results. This will get more visitors coming to your page making for an even higher conversion rate.

It Creates a Professional Appearance

3D videos give your marketing materials a high-end look. It will make your company look more impressive and modern to users and potential clients. It will give you a reputation as a cutting-edge, state-of-the-art business that companies will want to invest in.

Easy, fast & affordable

We specifically aim to serve companies with physical products who don’t have experience in purchasing 3D content. Our mission is to make it easy, fast and affordable while being transparent about prices and the process. We provide 3D animation services for a wide variety of industries, from construction, manufacturing and engineering companies to consumer businesses. Producing animation videos for promotional, commercial and demonstration purposes.

See just how simple the process of buying 3D animation can be here.

There are various types of 3D animation ensuring you can find a format best suited to your budget. Moreover, when you use 3D animation, you don’t have to spend money hiring actors or renting a studio which cuts down on expenses considerably.

If the video needs to be edited, you can do so easily without needing to reshoot. The video can also be repurposed and used on a variety of platforms producing a high ROI.

If you are using 3D animation, the possibilities are endless. You can speed up or slow down time and provide views the viewer wouldn’t see in real life, all through an engaging and memorable platform. How will you be using it to take your video marketing to the next level?