In today’s world, attention spans are getting shorter. People have busy lives, and they don’t want to take a lot of time learning about a product from a dull presentation. As the presenter, it’s up to you to provide an engaging medium that will get your B2B customers excited about what you have to offer.


The ideal way to do that is through video animation

It is common knowledge that video is ruling the world of digital marketing. People love it because it provides video and audio elements that tell the whole story. The sense of movement makes it engaging, and it beats out long blocks of text when it comes to explaining difficult concepts.

If you haven’t thought about using 3D before, you should consider it. 3D product animations are visually appealing and an efficient way to communicate product features in an understandable manner. Animated content as a marketing tool is a great way to spread the message about your company or show what is difficult to explain.

3D animated video can provide more benefits than other types of video, especially when it comes to appealing to B2B customers. Here are some to consider.

Let your product present itself when you’re not there

3D animated video can be viewed at any time and through any medium. You don’t have to schedule an appointment to present it. Clients can view it via landing pages and in emails and they can check it out at a time that works best for them. This makes it convenient for international clients, work at homers and more.

It Doesn’t Show Signs of Wear and Tear

Ever schedule a presentation meeting with a client at 3 PM? It isn’t easy. After a long workday, you may not have the energy to show your product at its best. A 3D video, on the other hand, always looks fantastic and it never has to worry about it suffering from end-of-day lag.

It’s More Accessible Than You Might Think

You may think that technical animation’s slick appearance and advanced technology means it’s only accessible (read affordable) to top-notch silicon valley companies. This couldn’t be further than the truth. Not only is it affordable to smaller companies, but it can also even be a less expensive option for some. It eliminates the need for renting expensive studios and hiring actors and it is shareable across a variety of platforms making for high ROI.

It Substitutes Actual Products

3D animation comes in handy when you are presenting a product that is still in the development stages or that may be too big to transport for filming. It simulates the movement of the product without the need to have it at the presentation for sampling purposes.

It Offers a Multi-Dimensional View

Traditional video does not show the inner workings of a product. 3D animation provides an internal view so viewers can see how the product works in interior and underground applications. This is especially useful in B2B business where complex industrial products may be presented in an industrial animation. And unlike live video, you never have to worry about exposure to heat, liquid, or any other elements.

It Speeds Up the Process

Some product applications can take several minutes or even hours to carry out. An animated video will show real-life processes in a fraction of a time so clients can see exactly how a product operates without spending a good chunk of their day in a sales meeting.

It’s Easy to Film and Edit

When you shoot a live video, you must think about location, weather, actors, and other variables. With 3D animation, all you need is your artist and your editor. This makes it an affordable and efficient option. What’s more, 3D video can be easily edited to show updates to your products or to give it a more modern appearance, so you don’t have to worry about re-filming in the future.

Multi-Dimensional View

It Improves Your Company Image

3D animation is a sophisticated tool that will make your company seem modern and on top of the latest trends. Your reputation will be enhanced by your ability to provide a professional presentation that is effective in getting your point across. It will inspire a sense of trust that increases the possibility of a conversion.

It Encourages Investments

When B2B company shops for a product, they often make a big investment and sign on with a company for a long-term contract. A 3D animated video shows exactly how a product works promoting a sense of transparency that comes across in the product and the business. It will make clients feel more confident about investing in your goods and working with your company in the future.

Now that you know all the benefits 3D animation provides, will you be integrating it into your B2B presentations?