Get to know our production process. By following these 4 easy steps, we are able to keep you in the production loop, which gets you the exact animation you want. As a result, the production process is made transparent and easy, the time is shortened and the final animation will be of the right quality.




In most cases we will have received some input from you throughout the quote process, but additional information and reference material is often needed before the actual production process can start. Before we can start working on the 3D animation video, you prepare a final reference material package. It helps our team learn all aspects of the product and helps us make the most realistic 3D version of it on video.


Production process of animation


There are a few reference materials you can send us.


Those can be:


  • Technical drawings
  • 3D models
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Links to similar products




The next step in the production process is the delivery of an animatic. This is a basic grayscale version of the 3D animation for use during the first commenting round. It serves as a tool for you to comment on movement, camera angle and timing. The monochrome animatic serves as a tool for us to understand your thoughts on movements, timing, and all other technical aspects of the video. During this phase it can sometimes be very efficient to jump on a live screen sharing call to receive “live comments”. After this first commenting round we move on to the next phase.




High quality still images


Once we received your input on the animatic, we deliver a still image in color and with a finished look. It serves as a tool to focus solely on colors, contrasts, materials and textures. This time, your focus shifts to the quality of the look of the 3D animation; that’s why it is a still image and not a moving one. You comment on all aspects related to the look and feel of the product and the animation so that our team can implement the changes needed.




Delivery of high quality 3D animation


For the last part of the production process, we will send you the end product that combines all the mentioned elements. Our team will craft the perfect 3D animation from the supplied reference materials and from your comments during the various phases. The final delivery will be protected by a watermark, which we will remove upon receipt of the final payment.