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About Us

PinkSquare was founded in 2005 with a vision of making it simple and affordable to purchase premium visual marketing content for technical products, utilizing a platform similar to those companies use to purchase and create websites. With more than a decade of experience in 3D animation, co-founders Thomas Sugar and Martin Andersen made it their mission to improve the process of purchasing 3D animations.

This idea resulted in the creation of PinkSquare. A company with the mission of making the process of purchasing 3D animations easy, fast and affordable.

Our clients are wide ranging – from those in the manufacturing and construction equipment industries to those in consumer products. These firms have physical products, many of which are technical and complex, including engines, robot arms, concrete drains, mattresses and floor heating systems. Utilizing 3D animation enables these companies to visually demonstrate and explain their products quickly, simply and clearly.

Our customers want to present their products using simple, clear visualizations that can only be achieved with 3D animation. These videos engage potential customers and provide a clear view of how products, machinery, industrial processes and factory operations work. Additionally, 3D instructional videos can be used to guide customers though product installation and assembly. Our clients understand that their customers would rather watch a short video to visually see and learn how their product works rather than read a long description.


We are moving away from the slow and outdated methods of buying 3D animations. Instead, we choose to follow a purchasing trend which is increasingly based on examples and templates – thereby making the process easy, transparent and understandable.


Based on years of expertise in the industry we are developing processes that remove the need for long and costly meetings. We send out quotes within 24 hours and when the project starts we follow a proven step-by-step process, which is fast and very time-efficient.


We aim to deliver a high quality product for a medium price. This quality-to-price ratio is hard to find elsewhere, which is why our 3D product animations provide great value for money.

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