3D animation is becoming the way of the future. It’s a popular tool that can be used for showcasing products and providing installation instructions. It provides a visual platform that is easier to understand and digest than a written format. It helps simplify a product’s complex details and functionalities. But it can seem extremely complex from the outside, our 3D Animation Creator is here to help.

When creating a 3D animated video for your product, it can be hard to know where to start. You may not know what materials and information to give your video producers to help them make your video.

When issues occur in ordering process, it can lead to bigger problems. When people aren’t on the same page, budgets can get overblown, timelines may be delayed, and the scope of the project can change midway through the job.

That’s where a creative brief comes in handy. It sets the foundation for the job. It outlines the project requirements and creates a guideline for a finished product. It gives your video producers the materials they need to make a standout video. As iconic architect David Rockwell says, “A great brief is an inspiring thought starter.”

PinkSquare has developed a tool that takes the guesswork out of ordering a 3D animated video.

The tool was developed with a focus on 2 objectives.

  1. To help first time buyers understand the variables they need to decide on for their 3D animation as well as the potential pricing impact of what they are ordering.
  2. To help first time buyers create a document that any animation company, could use to prepare a quote.

It uses a process that takes visitors through 7 different steps. Here you can see some examples.


The Quality Look & Feel:

First time buyers can choose from basic, standard and high-quality video. There are examples of each along with basic price point information.

3D Animation video quality

Estimated duration:

First time buyers can choose a duration ranging from seconds to minutes or even hours with an explanation of which time frame may be best suited to their needs.

3D Animation video length

Background & Environment:

First time buyers can choose from neutral, simple and complex backgrounds & environments.  There are examples of each along with basic price point information.

3D animation background quality

Other Information:

Here’s where buyers can provide information on other features such as whether they will be providing a 3D model and whether they want text or audio added to the video.

3D animation information

Once your video producers have this information, they can move forward with preparing a quote.

The tool PinkSquare created allows clients to express their 3D animation requirements in a few easy steps. It is a visual in nature and provides something tangible for the user. It outputs the brief in a PDF format that can be shared with colleagues to ensure everyone is on the same page when it comes to deciding on what should be included in the video and the approved budget for the product.

The tool has already been successfully used by a variety of clients. Bonnie Gallea of CurtissWright says, “It was very helpful to be able to let you know exactly what I would want.”

But don’t take their word for it. Click here to use Brief Creator and find out how easy it is to get started on your project.


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