Boost customer engagement with interactive 3D models. Provide touch and interaction capabilities and a unique way of exploring your products.

Interactive Product Pages.
Engage Visitors Instantly.

Interactive hero images gets visitors engaged from the get-to and saves them from searching for the most relevant information down the page, often buried in blocks of text. In addition it provides and engaging way to explore your product and understand the main functionalities and benefits.


of marketers agreed that interactive content is effective in educating its buyers.


agree that interactive content results in repeat visitors and multiple exposures.

agree that interactive content results in repeat visitors and multiple exposures.

Some clients who have already gone interactive

Challenging to explain your Technical Product?

Compressing complex features and distill intricate details into easily digestible content can be a challenge. Ensuring audience comprehension within a brief timeframe and conveying the product’s value effectively, requires unique solutions. Interactive 3D models can do just that. They can bridge comprehension gaps, improving customer engagement and conversions.

Interactive Examples

Having potential customers look at videos and 3D animations of your product is obviously great. But wouldn’t it be even better if you could get them to touch and interact with them? 360 product viewers on websites have been around for a while. Initially, you could turn a product around and view it from different angles by clicking an arrow back or forth essentially switching between typically 20-30 images. This developed into “real 3D viewers”, but these solutions often required the installation of various plugins. With the development of HTML5, this has changed and most websites do not require any kind of installation in order to rotate a product in any direction.

Taking this evolution further, we offer an interactive product experience that allows visitors to your website to touch and interact with your product as if it were a physical object. It is particularly useful for products that are technical in nature. Whether it is an industrial product, a medical device, or a construction solution.We have invested time and resources in this development, as we believe that greater interaction leads to greater involvement and that an Interactive 3D Product Experience together with 3D Product Animations will increase the engagement of your potential customers.

Use anywhere

The same interactive 3D model can be embedded and reused on various platforms


The interactive 3D model can be integrated directly into your product page


Instead of transporting your product to a trade show you can present it on a touchscreen

Tablets in sales meetings

Works ideally for the flow of a sales meeting

“We have been loving the 3D tool. It was extremely helpful for our product launch and continues to serve as a great educational tool.”

Jennifer Lewis

Brand Manager, FHF Gear


Increase engagement

3D models on websites have proven to increase engagement by 66% compared to 2D marketing solutions.

Unique customer experience

In today’s competitive landscape, it is important to provide a personalized customer experience.

Virtual showroom

Interactive experiences are a great way to educate customers and employees, even when you’re not present.

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