Our last article talked about how industrial animation benefits your company. It’s perfect for marketing purpose or product demos. However, if you’re a construction business owner, industrial animation alone won’t do the trick. What you need is construction animation.

Imagine your client wants you to build them a house. The plan of your project is the single most valuable asset prior to the realization. So, presenting the plan in a way that every client will understand it is of great importance. Luckily, house construction animation will make them understand what they can expect their future home to look.

Furthermore, making a house animation could help you in various parts of the project itself. Let’s see why your business needs construction animation.

construction site

Planning and Scheduling

Building and construction animation is essential when it comes to project planning. You can present each step of the project with a digital workflow. Since clients change their mind often, the cost of having to create a complete workflow for the fifth time can take a toll on your time and money.

By simply showing them a short video of the future step, you can save yourself the hassle of doing the whole project over again. Every step can be a minute-long video that explains in detail what your team is going to do. Therefore, you can use construction animation in the planning phase to find out if you and your client are on the same page.

The animation will also help with scheduling the next tasks. When you know which rules the project has to obey, you can get on to the next steps and schedule future work. Showing the schedule to other team members will make their job less stressful.

Project Supervision with Construction Animation

Big construction projects are difficult to realize if you have a small team but it’s the same with a huge team. When you start the building process, it’s hard to keep track of everything. Particularly if you have over twenty people working and hundreds of pages of documentation.

What’s more, project supervision will get messy if there’s no visual support with the documentation. In one of our articles, we listed the reasons why your company needs 3D animation. However, think bigger. 3D is good for smaller products or industrial animation but 4D construction animation program makes it easier for you to supervise the work on-site. It also turns paper documentation into an almost-real thing.

If you agree that an image is worth a thousand words, imagine how powerful is the video. You will save your team from hours of meetings if they can see what you or the client wanted.

construction animation

Easier Changes in the Project

The most notable benefit of construction animation in your business is managing to implement change every time you or your client want it. For example, if you have a building project, there’s quite a lot of aspects you have to watch out for.

Starting from the way foundations are to be made, to the roofing, the process requires you to discard or change many ideas. That’s when construction animation comes to the picture. The building site can be presented in a video well before the work actually starts.

Once the construction starts, you will have to change numerous factors that interfere with the development. Luckily, you can later add those changes to the project with a construction animation tool such as 3DS Max. It’s an animation program that you and your team can use to create wholesome construction mock-ups.

After the project already took place, you can get back to the initial plans in case the client needs original mock-up videos.

Dispute Minimization or Prevention

It’s hard to trace a wrong turn in the project when you have hundreds of papers lying around and rely solely on word of mouth. That’s why projects that become video can bring transparency back to your business, ensuring that every team member’s contribution is credited.

Any wrong choice or a wrong move can be easily identified and solved as soon as possible. Also, with more transparency come fewer disputes within the team. In other words, the project manager won’t blame the construction worker for doing something wrong if it was the structural engineer or the architect’s fault.

Being clear about what you need from the team along with their input can indeed improve the project’s quality and speed up the whole process.

construction workers

Higher Safety Levels

The fourth advantage your business can have from construction animation is something that you overlook frequently in the initial stages of the planning. When you have a visual idea of what you’re doing, it becomes clear what is done correctly and what isn’t. The safety level on the construction site, although high in the western countries, fails to get addressed properly.

During the building process, engineers can distinguish bad planning from good planning and make changes accordingly. A secure construction site is what the whole team expects to have, so make sure you give them exactly that.

Also, having all information stored in special program makes it harder for it to leak out before the completion.

Construction Animation for Client Satisfaction

Last but not least, animated construction projects serve mainly as a tool to easily explain the plan to a client. Again, visuals will both make the project understandable to the general public. It will give the client an option to revise the parts they think need more adjustment as well.

If they do need adjustment, you can quickly get back to the former stage in the project. From there, the team can build on the newest client’s ideas.

Moreover, your client satisfaction levels can only grow when they see what lengths your business went to present them your ideas. Make a little research on your client’s vision and expectations to tailor the project to their needs. All you have to do later is hire an animation video company to turn your thoughts into animated wonders.


Every construction business owner has at least once in their career had problems explaining what they are going to build. Be it a 30-storey apartment building, a school, a hospital, or a huge multinational company branch superstructure, your clients and your team deserve animated versions of the projects.

They will help you in the project planning and scheduling for each step of the task, make your supervision tasks a little less of a nuisance. Let your team benefit from easily-implemented changes to the plan.

Even though more people will collaborate on the work, the number of possible disputes will get smaller and the construction site will become a safer place for everyone. Lastly, your clients will be the ones profiting the most since they’re not the experts in the field. Being able to give them a visible proof of your ideas could have a great impact on client satisfaction levels.

In case our article failed to convince you to use construction animation, make sure to contact us at PinkSquare to decide how to go about your future projects.