Soon after making an excellent product, you’ll have to find ways to market it. If your intention is to explain how it can make your customer’s life easier, you’ll go with the most expressible medium possible: the video. That is, if the product’s use is far from being obvious. Here are some of the top tips for making a killer product video.

What Is a Product Video?

You are presumably wondering what is a product video. A product video is a video that demonstrates what a certain product does or displays the product’s main features. This type of video leaves a lasting imprint in the customer’s mind by explaining what they can get if they decide to buy the product.

The companies that market their merchandise with product videos usually sell goods that you have to assemble or the goods that have a few-step process to learn before the use.

What Is a Demo Video?

You can advertise your product either with a demo video, a type of the product video. The key difference between the two is the fact that the demo video is a mid-funnel-type video, where you have an already established customer base (the people who already bought the product) who is waiting for you to show them step-by-step instructions on how to use the product.

demo video

Moreover, the exact instructions will not only help the existing customer but show the prospects what they may be missing out on.

How to Structure a Product Video

There’s no rule of thumb that will help you structure the videos. You should know what the audience expects and what they look for in your product. However, there’s a word of advice that will come in handy if you’re just starting.

Go from the Context to the Details

The big picture is essential to give the core idea to the customer. In a product video, the context will introduce what is it you’re offering, while in the demo video you’ll bring the product closer to the ones that want to know how to use it.

Since you are the expert, start with showing the video in a context. The customers probably already know why they bought your product. Still, the video should make way for the central concept. The goal is to make the customer an expert as well.

Which Product Features Should a Demo Video Have

Forget about praising your product’s features. The customer hardly cares how beautiful your central processing unit looks. It’s the value they need.

product video

As long as you can captivate your audience’s attention by clearly demonstrating the process, whether you use a 3D product animation video, a stop-motion video or a video where an actor demonstrates how the product functions.

The Product Isn’t the Focus of the Video

What new marketers fail to understand is that the product shouldn’t be the focus of the video. In other words, the product video should have an intention to solve the customer’s problem.

If you know that the products make their lives easier, explain exactly how by starting from the context to the details. The customers really don’t care about your brand or the product you’re selling. They are looking for a tool that will help them resolve a problem.

Keep It Short

After you’re done with a rough sketch for the video, remember that people have no time to stay focused for 15 minutes to learn how a digital printing machine works. Especially if they come from a B2B company. Keep the video as short as possible and as engaging as possible.

printing machine

Lastly, you will have to think of optimizing the videos for better user experience.

How do You Demo a Product?

If you’re lucky enough to attract a bunch of prospects to actually have a look at your product video, assuming they will watch until the end is quite an optimistic thought. Supposing you already know how to make a product video. You’re left with the need to demo the product the right way. Here are the ingredients you need to successfully demo a product.

  • Engage them with the first few seconds – first few seconds are the crucial ones. If you fail to keep the attentiveness on a certain level, everything else will fall short.
  • Aim at their feelings – as mentioned, the customers won’t care for the product or the company and it will make them forget what you had to say. They’ll remember only what makes them feel a certain way.  Give them the content they will remember.
  • Answer the questions before they even think of posing them – You’ll have to act like a clairvoyant when it comes to the demo video. Come up with the questions you think the customer could be having and answer them before they realize they have more questions.
  • Use an unusual element to confuse the viewer – even though the last thing on their mind is the company itself, a great product video from the Dollar Shave Club does just that: it shows the company and the employees but in fact focuses on answering the problem rather than showing the product in every single film frame.
  • Make it useful – if the video offers the answers to all of your predetermined questions, it’s safe to say you ade if useful.

Another method to market the product is with a product review.

How do You Do a Product Review?

A product review is a perfect choice if you want to focus on the product. Watching a simple process of unboxing is as exciting as having the product in front of you, so no wonder people are happy to watch it.

To make an interesting product review, you should concentrate on the following.

  1. Write a captivating script. – The script has to follow the points you highlight in the video. No more, no less.
  2. Highlight the features by explaining what they do. – Naming the product features won’t do the trick. Make sure you explain them in context.
  3. Show the parts of the products and explain what each does. – In case you have a B2B company and you sell heavy machinery, it’s enough to pinpoint the basic parts.
  4. Show how to use it and discuss the characteristics and use.

End with a Strong Statement

The last thing your product video should have is a strong end statement. It can be a CTA (call-to-action) or a quote that describes your brand. Try avoiding phrases like these: “Thank you for your attention.”, “Thanks for listening.”, or “We hope this video was useful.” Well, of course, it was! Why mentioning something that’s obvious?

Think of what will excite the customers to automatically visit your website or your store and purchase the product. Leave them no room to think too much and simply say “Do you like what you see? We do, too. Visit to get your product now.”

We hope our short guide helped you to understand what it takes to make a killer product video. Remember that you have to answer your customers’ questions, keep them entertained and help them solve their problem with your goods.

In case you’re a company owner who has a hard time figuring out how product animation works, feel free to contact us on the link below.