3D Construction Animation

In the competitive world of heavy machinery and construction materials, PinkSquare revolutionizes strategies with dynamic 3D animations for impactful marketing and comprehensive instruction.

Unleashing the Power of 3D Building Animations

Step into the future of product presentation! Our 3D animated representations offer concise, engaging demonstrations, providing customers with quick insights into your products. Whether it’s a brief overview or an in-depth exploration, our animations allow you to showcase your offerings like never before.


  • Versatility in Detailing: Zoom in, zoom out, and rotate your product 360 degrees, providing a detailed view of every component, regardless of size. The background, lighting, and overall aesthetics can be tailored to your preferences.
  • Early-Stage Showcase: Display your product even in its early stages of development or before physical existence. Let your customers witness the potential of your offerings before they hit the market.

Why a Building Construction Animation is Your Business Game-Changer

  • Overcoming Display Limitations: Large vehicles, heavy machinery, or intricate HVAC installations face challenges in physical display. Our 3D animations bridge this gap, bringing your products to life regardless of their size or construction stage.
  • Boosting Sales: An animated product video simplifies complex features, making it easy for customers to understand and appreciate your products. Leverage the immense power of online video marketing, with over 500 million hours of videos watched on YouTube daily.

A couple of our happy clients

We provide 3D product animation services to small, medium and large organizations.

Why choose Pinksquare

With more than a decade of experience in industrial 3D animation it is our mission to design superb 3D product animation videos and to help you raise awareness around your latest product innovation.

Affordable Prices

We deliver high quality industrial animations for a medium price.

Easy Process

Our process is easy, transparent and understandable.


Our step-by-step production is fast and very time-efficient.


We use the latest specialized software to create the 3D animations.

Quote in 24 hours

We send quotes out within a day. Faster than most competitors.


Our 3D artists are accustomed to technical and industrial products.

14 Years Experience

Around 1000 projects with over 300 clients since formation.

Google 5-Star Reviews

We only have 5 star reviews from customers on Google.


Our quality-to-price ratio is hard to find elsewhere. See examples.

Maximizing Marketing Impact with 3D Building Animation

  • Online Visibility: Elevate your online presence by showcasing your product from every angle. 3D animations offer the best way for consumers to explore your product without leaving their space.
  • Social Media Engagement: Utilize your product animation on social media channels to increase exposure and engage your audience effectively.
  • Sales Toolbox Addition: Integrate detailed 3D animation demo videos into your sales toolkit. Explain your product’s features visually, creating a lasting impression on potential customers.

How much does it cost

These are the 4 main variables affecting the price of a 3D animation.

3D Model

Is the model supplied or
should we model it?


What is the duration
and the storyline?


Simple rotation or
complex movements?


Simple, realistic or
something in between?

Google Reviews

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Why Choose PinkSquare for Your 3D Animations:

  • Fast Delivery: Our talented team of 3D animators ensures speedy delivery, with simple projects typically completed in 2-5 business days.
  • Easy Process: We’ve streamlined our processes for simplicity and transparency, allowing you to be a part of the creation journey.
  • Affordable Price: Focus on delivering high-quality 3D animations at an affordable price, ensuring great value for your investment.
  • Expertise: Our experienced team of graphic artists and 3D animators specializes in creating animations for technical and industrial products.
  • Up-to-Date Technology: We leverage the latest technologies to ensure your 3D animations are cutting-edge.

What our clients say about us

Our clients include large, small and mid-sized organizations and span across a variety of different sectors and industries.

“The animation produced by PinkSquare went above and beyond all expectations.“

Chris Kirn

Flow green LLC

“We have in connection with the realisation of our 3D video instructions received help from PinkSquare. The key words for the cooperation were, creativity, efficiency and quality.“

Sif Orbesen

Orbesen Teknik

“It has been a super experience from beginning to end. Easy, efficient and a fantastic service.”

Eva Baek


“Very happy and feel like we got excellent value for money working with you”

Peter Miller

President, Advanced Material Solutions


These cases are examples of how 3D product videos have helped our manufacturing clients showcase industrial products, demonstrate instructions while turning their products into stunning visual content.

STC Robot Arm

3D MODEL: We modelled everything on the scene based on client’s blueprints.

COMPLEXITY: Complex and detailed movements were required to convey product’s capabilities

QUALITY: The client requested a realistic look.

RESULT: A 3D animation simulating exact production flow, second by second. Allowing STC to optimize their production output and to communicate this clearly to their customers.

Verlo Mattress

3D MODEL: Everything was modelled from images supplied by Verlo.

COMPLEXITY: Somewhat complex movements were required to communicate the unique selling points.

QUALITY: A semi-realistic look was requested.

RESULT: The animation lets the viewer clearly see all parts of the product, observe how the pieces can be adjusted and also understand the effect that these alterations have on the mattress.

Our Process

By following these steps, the process is made transparent, easy and the production time is shortened while still reaching the right final result.

landing preliminary icon

You receive a rough preliminary version. 1 round of comments on timing, camera angle, movement.

landing still image icon

You receive 1 still image. 1 round of comments on look/feel/quality

Final delivery, with watermark, which will be removed upon receipt of final payment

308 clients so far

Our clients work across a number of categories, ranging from the construction equipment industry to the manufacturing of consumer products.

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A good product deserves
a good presentation

We provide 3D animation services for a wide variety of businesses within the industrial, construction, and consumer sectors. Our animation videos are used for marketing, instructional and commercial purposes.




Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of 3D construction animations for marketing and instructional use?

Our 3D construction animations serve a dual purpose. They are designed for impactful marketing, allowing companies to showcase their products in a visually engaging manner.

How do 3D building animations differ from live-action demonstrations?

3D building animations offer a shorter, more concise way to present your products compared to live-action demonstrations. They provide the flexibility to zoom in and out, offer detailed views of different parts, and enable a 360-degree rotation, allowing for a comprehensive exploration of your products.

How can a building construction animation benefit my business?

Building construction animations help overcome the limitations of physical product display, especially for large or complex machinery. They enhance your online visibility, engage your audience on social media, and become a valuable addition to your sales toolkit.

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