You can have the best product in the world, but you still won’t sell anything if you don’t show your product to the world. It requires visibility, but today there is an overwhelming amount of options to choose from. We believe that animated videos are one of the absolute best digital tools to use to tell the world about your product, so we’ve put together 10 good reasons why your company needs 3D animation.

1. 3D animation delivers better images

3D animation af et lækkert ur

With 3D animation you can display your product from all angles – even the impossible. The human brain tends to memorize things best when it receives visual input. Therefore, it’s essential to have a 360-degree 3D animation. The animation allows potential buyers to experience, understand, and interact with your product. It will give them a better picture of what you are doing and help them remember your product in more detail.

2. Transparency with 3D animations

If you’re selling a product 3D animation can signal that you run a transparent company who will be happy to demonstrate everything it does. If you haven’t started selling a product yet, but you’re still working on a prototype, 3D animation signals that you take things seriously and have a clear vision of the product you want to develop.

3. Animation helps your product stand out

3D animations are still not popularly used throughout the world. There aren’t that many companies who have come up with 3D animations as a way of marketing their products, giving forward-thinking companies a unique opportunity to differentiate themselves from the others. Billions of video clips are seen daily in USA. A 3D animation allows companies to stand out from the crowd.

4. Make complex stories simple with 3D animation

3D animations are ideal for simplifying how a complex product works, so everyone can understand it. Take a look at these 3D animations of industrial machines. They are very compound, but when explained simply you don’t have to be an engineer to understand it.

5. Get a 3D animation and avoid returned goods

Undgå returvarer ved at vise dit produkt i 3D

If you, as a customer, have seen a 3D animation of a product, you know what you’re buying. It really is as simple as that. Therefore, several companies have experienced a significant reduction in the number of returned products after they’ve begun providing 3D animations for their customers.

6. Captivate your customers with a 360-degree video

3D animations are extremely attractive to look at. This is because the animations are devised by computer programs that make them ‘perfect’ to look at. With a 3D animation, you can display a perfect product in action and in a realistic way – even if it’s not available yet.

7. Get customers to stay longer with a 3D animation

If you implement a nice and captivating 3D animation of your product on your website and social media, you will most likely see that your customers stay longer on your pages. When you have their attention for a long time that might result in your company earning more promotional money per visit.

8. 3D boosts visibility

mand med kikkert, der får bedre synlighed på søgemaskiner med 3D animation
3D animations capture people’s attention and make them watch till the very end. This means that people enjoy spending much more time on your page, thus, your content is considered more valuable, and finally, you get higher priority on Google. When you rank high on Google, you will notice significant rise of visitors on your website. Ultimately, a 3D animation can mean that more potential customers will discover you.

9. Professional appearance with a 3D animation

A 3D animation will present you as knowledgeable and serious within your field. An animated video looks pretty high-tech in a simple way, which means that the company’s potential customers get a basic understanding of the product and a confidence that the company is in control of all that is more complex.

10. 3D animation saves you money in the long run

You can use only one video – a 3D animation video – to tell everything about your product. Therefore, you don‘t have to spend a lot of energy talking to people and describing what the product can do. In addition, you save labor by avoiding time-consuming demonstrations and meetings with potential business partners. With a 3D animation, they immediately get all the information they need about your product.

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