Construction and technical company owners often have a hard time explaining their products or services to their inexpert clients. It’s not only difficult to enumerate every single part of a house plumbing system, but it takes time to demonstrate how everything exactly works. Luckily, the digital era is here to make it possible. Let’s see how industrial animation can benefit your company.

What is Industrial Animation

Industrial animation is every video that shows tools, industrial devices, construction processes or other technical aspects of various industries. It helps companies to showcase what they are doing and how they do it.

Industrial animation is used for an array of particular reasons, but for the most part, you will find it in promo materials or in the materials that explain the operation principle. However, if you’re a technical industry owner, the benefits you get from industrial animation are countless. In this article, we’ll name a few.

industrial animation

The Benefits of Using Industrial Animation

Explain What People Can’t Understand

Some of your clients will know what they want and when they want it, but they’ll have trouble understanding what will you deliver in the end. Imagine you own a coffee roaster company and a client asks if you could assemble it in their café and show the baristas how it works.  They probably won’t understand what are the steps needed to roast the coffee or how to do small fixes.

Moreover, there might be an obstacle you can easily resolve if you do a certain change on the machine. Both the café owner and the barista won’t understand the tweak in the beginning. Fortunately, you can present the idea for an adjustment in an industrial video. Just hire one of the industrial animation companies and explain what you need.

Elaborate on the Concept of the Product and Customize It

The idea behind your product could potentially confuse the viewer. For example, if you have an engineering company, your clients are mostly amateurs in the engineering sector. What’s more, they have specific demands as to what kind of product they want.

With the help of an industrial video, you can elaborate on the concepts behind your next engineering project and tailor it to the demands of your clients. Alternatively, you can customize the engineering animations and customize them when changing clients.


Save Time and Money

Why spending time and money on staff training to do what a one-minute video can do for less? Your budget will be better off if you simply quit training staff to present the company’s values, processes or show how a certain device works. The videos will bring higher ROI than images and they work faster than other means of advertising.

Industrial animation as time and money saver is your biggest asset. Before you figure out what you want and which technical animation services to hire, make sure to develop a plan with the key points revolving around video marketing.


Promote the Product

As said, your plan has to include video marketing. 3D product animation services will help you promote the product or service in a new and fun way. It will also show the product’s value. Images will hardly help when you want to explain how your stainless steel tanks for winemakers work.

Plus, a winemaker won’t have the time to listen to your staff. It is easier, cheaper and faster to show them a video where they see the whole process without asking too many questions. Additionally, you can reuse the existing videos in later marketing campaigns if the products or services stay the same.

stainless steel tanks

Convince the Viewer to Take Action

The first impression has to come in a few minutes or less. If your industrial video is bold enough to convince the winemaker they want to buy your products, it means you’re on top of your game. Technical animation will convey a powerful thought to their mind without them being aware of it.

The last benefit of using industrial videos is convincing the viewer to take action. Instead of making people wonder how your products work, let them know the process behind it, the parts of the mechanism or the ways they themselves can use it. Remember, only a few seconds count, so put them to good use.

Are You Ready to Take Action?

Whether you own a construction company, a PC repair company, an industrial device company, or you’re a tool manufacturer, consider using industrial animation in your advertising campaigns. It will help your clients understand unknown concepts and let you customize the message for each special audience.

Moreover, it will save you time and money, promote the product in a fun an engaging way and convince the client to take action.

If you’re still uncertain about using industrial animation in your company, look no further. Contact us at PinkSquare for more information about industrial animation and get a piece of free advice.