3D animation is a fairly new process that’s been invented in the 20th century. However, the companies around the world are using it as the go-to video marketing solution. Why? Because it can engage the viewer almost instantly and showcase your product’s features in a few seconds.

Here are 9 tips on how 3D animation can put a spotlight on your product’s greatest features, and eventually double your business’ profit.

1.Make It Real

The most remarkable feature of videos is their ability to feel the closest to real-life when looked at behind the screen. In spite of that, plenty of business owners will want their animation video to be like it dropped out of a fairy tale.

Your customers want one of that. If the philosophy behind the video must follow one principle, it would be The more realistic, the better. The viewers will want to look what your consumer products can do and how. As simple as that.

2. Use Feelings with the 3D Animation

Although you should leave goodnight stories for your kids, you can use feelings to get closer to the customer. They can make people care about your brand. How? Well, even in the 3D animation you can instigate feelings.

Those aren’t always the feelings of compassion or love but rather the feelings of curiosity and insatiability for the cool new product you’re offering. Imagine you’re selling dishwashers. To evoke curiosity, you can make a 3D animation video that only shows one key feature of the dishwasher, without naming what is the product about. Later on, you can make a series of these videos and only after watching the whole series, the viewer will understand what the product is all about.

3. Uniqueness Has Its Price

It’s great to use a unique approach but you should think of what will be the audience’s reaction. To know what to expect, always do the target audience analysis and visualize their preferences.

For example, if you’re selling food manufacturing equipment, you must know it’s a specific type of B2B audience. The video must follow the rules for B2B animation videos.

4. The Simplest Sometimes Works Best

Business owners tend to over-complicate the scenes they want in their videos.

We get it, after all, it’s your product that’s being featured and your product is the best on the market. Sadly, there are many other competitor products that won’t use as much kitsch but will perform better in the end. Their goal is to show only the essential. Believe us when we say that the simplest sometimes works best.

5. Put the Focus on the Product

Put the focus on your product

If the viewer gets lost in too much information, they will lose interest. The focus must be on the product during the whole video. How to put a product in the spotlight?

Be straightforward – use the product in all of the video scenes. Using the product in the center of the scene lets the viewers no space for looking further. They are left with the product that they want to buy and the image stays in their mind long after the video ends.

Furthermore, explain how the product works. We’ll get to that part later on. The next thing you have to do is to elaborate on why the product is worth buying.

6. Elaborate Why Your Product is Worth Buying

Once you know how the video is supposed to look like, you should work on how to express the value of the product. If, for example, you’re selling furniture, use animation to show people how durable the products are and how good they look. You can also suggest where they can put the products.

Furniture animation sounds ridiculous but it has been, in fact, used before. Most notably in the best product demonstration video from Ikea. Their animated furniture videos are simple, straightforward and explain how to assemble the product.


7. Explain How the Product Works

Some of the best animated product explainer videos take the essential and turn it into helpful, just like the aforementioned Ikea video. By explaining how the product can be assembled, you’re not only making the customer actively participates but creating strong connections between your brand and the customer.

Such videos show exactly why explain your product through video. Product explainers work every time because they’re fun, they can be extremely simple and creative and they help the customer get the information they need.

8. Make it as Short as Possible

Keep your 3D animation short

The same videos we mentioned in the previous tip last as little as two minutes, sometimes even less. The attention span of the general public is only a few seconds long. You have to use those few seconds to grab their attention and make them watch the video until the end.

Making your videos as short as possible will increase the chance of the viewer actually watching the video. Allow them to at least

9. Hire the Right 3D Animation Expert

The last tip is self-explanatory. The right 3D animation expert will take your notes, get to know your brand and your product and follow strict rules to put a spotlight on your product’s greatest features.

Make sure you choose the expert who understands your goals and who is always open to new suggestions but nevertheless the pioneer in their trade.


Technical animation can be your next favorite marketing solution. Let it be the most important item in your marketing strategy basket and you’ll experience a staggering increase in your business’ profit. Only by making it real, using more feelings, taking advantage of the uniqueness and simplicity, focusing on the product and elaborating how it works and why it’s worth buying, you can capture your viewer’s attention and make them fall in love with your brand.

As far as the right animation expert team goes, let us be your first choice.

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