If you want your product to sell, a product video can be one of the most powerful tools in your campaign.

As the name suggests, product videos are videos about a product. They are used to show consumers and clients how the product works. They can show how the product works in various applications and its many functionalities.

If you don’t have a product video included in your marketing strategy, it’s time to get onboard. This article will explain more about what product videos are and why they are such an effective branding tool.


Product Video Benefits

A product video is beneficial for several reasons including the following:

  • It can be used to show any product in any industry.
  • It provides video and audio elements bringing the viewer as close as possible to experiencing the product without actually using it.
  • It shows how the product can be used in various applications and its ability to solve problems, so it boosts conversions.
  • It is an engaging medium to bring into a sales presentation.


Where Product Videos Can Be Used

3D animated product video


Product videos can be used in several applications. Here are some examples.

On a Website: Product videos can be featured on a website. They can be prominently displayed on a main page or landing page to let customers know exactly how their products work.

At a Sales Presentation: Sales presentations tend to be dull. A product video is an engaging form of media that is sure to wake people up and get them interacting.

Emails and Newsletters: They can easily be embedded into emails and newsletters to drive conversions.

Social Media: You can post your product video on various social media platforms. Keep in mind that you may have to edit the video so it meets the requirements of the platform you’re using, but it will be well worth the effort.

Convert Them into Other Media: You can use your product video topics as inspiration for blogs and posts or you can take stills and use the images in your ads and online materials.


Tips for Getting a Good Product Video

The better your product video is, the more it will do to boost sales. Here are some factors that will help you create an optimal marketing tool.

Length: Product videos tend to be short, so they send a message without taking up a lot of the viewer’s time. Shorter videos will be especially effective on social media when people aren’t prepared to spend a lot of time watching videos. Longer videos may be okay when targeting consumers further down the funnel.

Send a Message: Because they’re often short in length, it’s important to include the main message of the video in the first few seconds. Follow up with a CTA at the end so consumers are aware of the actions you want them to take.

Make it Engaging: With so much content on the net, you need to make your product video stand out. You can do that by forging an emotional connection, using humor, and including eye-catching graphics.


Animation in Product Videos

Product videos can take many forms. For example, you may do a live product video that shows a person using the product. But animation is preferable.

An animated product video will show how the product works without any obstructions. It can also speed up processes. So instead of waiting 30 seconds (which seems interminable in the video) for a can opener to open a can, it can simulate the process in just seconds.

It can also be used to show functionalities that would be difficult to illustrate in a live format.


What a Product Video is Not

A product video should not be confused with a branded video. A branded video explains what a brand is about while a product video shows what a product is about.

It should also not be confused with a screencast which shows an individual’s actions as they scroll the web or use a certain piece of software. While screencasts can be informative and show a person how to use a product or service, they tend not to be as engaging as product videos.

They are a great way to market products and boost conversions. They are a valuable tool in the digital marketing process. How will you be using them to increase ROI for your campaigns?