Communicating with consumers and people, in general, these days is a “race against time”. A race against the time where they abort.

People’s patience levels are dropping rapidly. If the content is not REALLY entertaining or interesting, you lose their attention in an instant. X hours of video are produced or uploaded to YouTube and other platforms EVERY day, so that’s what you’re up against.

Competition is stiff so it’s important to make every second count. Video obviously does a great job at this as compared to written text, but animated videos can do an even better job by entertaining and informing in the most efficient way possible.

If content is used for social media to generate leads, as opposed to on a website, you have to be even better at grabbing people’s attention in a minimal amount of time. With people scrolling quickly, they are not prepared to devote time to finding out about your brand. You need to include something that will stand out and deliver a message in mere seconds.

This is partly why many startups and big businesses have chosen animated explainer videos as their format of choice. They can use it to explain the pain, or problem, in an entertaining way in a short space of time and present the solution. The videos are fun, relatable, and sure to catch a viewer’s attention quickly.

Animation has become especially popular in the technical space. It is a preferred method because it can convey complex ideas and movements in a simplified format.

While most companies use 2D animated videos, technical companies often opt for 3D. The added sense of dimension makes it easy to see how products work. It offers interior and exterior views that clearly illustrate a tool’s mechanisms.

Here are some other reasons why animated video marketing is a preferred choice for marketers.

It is Not Limited by Reality

Animated videos are not limited by reality. Therefore, they can show just about anything. Want to show how to assemble your product in just five seconds of film time? Done! Want to show the various ways your product can be used without hiring actors to reenact every situation? Done!

When you animate, you are not dealing with real-life situations that can slow you down or obstruct your scenes. You don’t need to take time finding sets or scenes. You can put your objects anywhere you wish. You are provided with a simpler way to show the viewer what they need to see.

Animation Can Be Used in Combination with Video

Animation can also be used in combination with live video. It doesn’t have to be an either-or situation. A Nike commercial might show a runner running on an empty country road followed by a 3D sequence showing how the shoe is constructed inside.

The combination makes for a unique format. It sets reality against fantasy and integrates the possible with the impossible. It allows you to provide different views of what’s going on without being confined to one style of presentation.

There is no end to what you can do when both mediums are involved.

Helps Your Company Stand Out

Animation stands out because not that many people use it. What’s more, the animation you create can be completely unique. The style of graphics you incorporate can make it different from other promotional video products ensuring you catch the viewer’s eye.

Makes Your Company Seem Modern and Innovative

When you use animation in your marketing video, you will establish a modern and innovative brand identity. Clients will see you as a business that’s on the cutting edge and they will be more likely to choose you as a partner.

Saves Time and Money

When you film a live video, you must spend a lot of time and money hiring actors, getting a location, gathering props and more. You also have to deal with possible setbacks involving availability, weather, and other conditions.

Animation only involves an animator, an editor, and your company. With fewer factors to contend with, you end up saving time and money. This will pay off in a higher ROI and more bang for your buck.

It’s Easy to Integrate Aspects of Brand Identity


Working with animation makes it easy to integrate aspects of brand identity including your company colors and logos. You can use a style that best represents your business. You may even create a mascot that can be integrated into future marketing efforts like Tony the Tiger or the Energizer Bunny.

Animation provides you with unlimited options. How will you be using it to push your brand forward?