When it comes to digesting any sort of information, text alone typically doesn’t cut it. The reader needs some sort of imagery to break up the text and illustrate the points the writer is making.

There are two main types of imagery that can be used, video and static images. Both are effective in making the text more engaging, but when it comes to which is best, videos beat images every time. Statistics show that video doubles click-through rates and increases conversion rates by 20-30%

Here are some reasons why video is so effective:

Video Provides Audio and Visual Components

A video doesn’t just show a picture. It speaks to you in several ways. It can include voice, music, and sound effects. These can work in various ways, on both a practical and emotional level. They can add a mood or vibe or serve to explain what’s going on.

Video Provides Audio and Visual Components

Video’s audio capabilities also make it more attention-getting. For example, let’s say you see a band. There’s a reason why all eyes are on the singer, and it’s not just because he or she is in the center of the stage. It’s because they are, essentially speaking to the audience.

A video has the same effect. The audio it provides sets it apart.

A Video Shows the Complete Picture

Let’s say you are trying to explain a theory using text. It may be difficult to convey your meaning to the reader.

Images may help you get your point across, but they won’t tell the entire story.

A video clearly illustrates your point using movement, voice, and visual elements to provide context for what you are referring to.

If choosing between video or images, if you want to properly tell the story of your product choose video.

A Video Has Movement

Say you are in a room and every object is perfectly still. All of a sudden, something moves. Your eye will instantly be drawn to the movement.

The same applies to video.

Video has moving objects and people that draw the eye. It works to boost engagement and get your products noticed.

A Video Builds Trust

An image does not show movement so it can be drawn in any way. For example, even a faulty or poorly made product can look great in a photo or illustration.

When you look at a video, you see the way the product functions. This makes it difficult to hide flaws. Consumers realize this and are more likely to trust a product that’s shown in the video.

Video Encourages the Viewer to Spend More Time on Your Website

If a user sees an image on a page, chances are they will spend just a second taking it in before moving on. If they start watching a video, they will become engaged and stay on the page longer.

The longer they stay, the more time they will have to become familiar with your brand, and the more your company name will become embedded in their memory.

Videos Provide More Information

An image sends a limited amount of information while a video can contain a bunch of information. Case in point, say you are trying to show someone how to nail a picture into a wall. You would have to use several pictures to show the various steps and even then it might be difficult for the user to piece it all together.

If you use video, you only need one piece of media to show the steps you need to take. The fluid movements make it easy for the viewer to understand what’s going on.

However, it’s still important to keep videos short and to the point. Do your best not to overwhelm the viewer with a lot of information.

Videos Give You a Chance to Show Personality

They say a picture tells a thousand words. But a video can do a lot more than that.

A video gives you several ways to show personality. You can use actors and spokespeople that connect with the audience, you can use visuals that stand out which can be taken to the limit if animation is incorporated and you can use emotion to make people laugh and cry.

Are There Any Instances Where Images are Better?

Okay, let’s be fair. Images are better in some instances. One good thing about them is, they can send messages succinctly. One glance and they’ve said all they need to say. This depends on the product, the message, etc., but images have the potential to do this. Without worrying about limited attention spans and people getting bored. With an image, either you see it or you don’t.

Now that you know both sides of the story, will you be using video or images to increase engagement for your products?