It’s not surprising that video is rapidly becoming the most effective and powerful marketing for online business. Animated marketing video for businesses can help break the new ground in embracing various market segments. Video marketing grants you an opportunity to tell different stories, be it about your customers or your product. With video, you can contribute persuasive messages that reach your audience and get them to take action.

Reasons Why You Should Use Animated Marketing Videos for Businesses

Video marketing has to be correctly performed to be able to get the exact results that you are looking for. Following are some of the main reasons why you should use an animated marketing video as a part of your entire digital campaign.

Improve Sales and Conversions

3D animated marketing video conversion

Using animated marketing video for businesses is one of the validated ways of developing sales and conversion. According to Forbes, adding numerous videos on a landing page can increase conversions by up to 80%. Additionally, animated videos can also boost sales directly and indirectly. For that reason, you can use animated videos to show your audience – even visitors how your product, business, or your service work.

Increase Brand Awareness

Using animation may not be the most accessible marketing strategy online to implement. There are lots of concepts to be made, storyboards accepted and videos to edit. Nevertheless, videos show a high return on investment and can improve your brand awareness. Creating videos doesn’t need to be expensive. There is lots of affordable editing software with animation effects that can help you make professional looking videos.

Videos Build Trust in Your Business

Customers will only spend their money if they trust your products or the brand itself. You should provide interesting and useful information to get prospects who will start believing you. However, it takes time to build confidence but remember to be patient.

Google Loves Videos

Google appreciate pages with multimedia content like images and videos. When the content has appropriate tags, they will wriggle by search spiders and Google will index them.

Videos Capture Mobile Audience

In this present time, people use mobile devices to accumulate information they want from different sites on social media. You can reach possible customers that use mobile devices through uploading animated videos.

Video Marketing Explains Your Offers

If you are launching a new service or product, using animated videos to explain how your service or products works is very efficient. Studies have shown that prospects are more inclined to purchase your product or service after seeing animated videos.

Videos Engage Your Prospects

3D animation engagement

Animated videos can catch the attention of all types of prospects – even the sluggish one. It will give you a competitive advantage, permitting you to double your leads.

Best Animated Marketing Videos of 2018

To convince you that animated marketing videos are also what you need, here are the best-animated marketing videos in 2018. These are animated marketing videos used by prominent companies.


Intercom constructs messaging apps to make communication better than the usual. When talking about business, sending and receiving messages are usual and made anytime, anywhere. Thousands of companies use Intercom today to connect with billions of people worldwide.


It is software that gives better customer service to everyone. It provides outstanding services to people but takes note; it is not difficult to use.


Hubstaff is an example of a time-tracking software that allows a person to keep track his employees which is an easy and useful way to ensure that productivity is monitor strictly.


Managing all your social media accounts can be difficult at some point. That’s why Meetedgar is here to help you make fresh and on-time updates after you made a post. It also permits a person to post something they want which is cool automatically.


Getresponse is one of the fascinating online application today. It is a platform that includes online campaign management tools and a suite of email marketing. This company will help you increase your sales, maximize your ROI (Return on Investment), and attain a good outcome in online marketing in any possible way.

With the help of these various software, your work can be more accessible and can produce high-quality work.

Understanding 3D Technical Animation as an Effective Marketing Tool

3D technical animation provides multi-dimensional advantages when manifesting functionalities and features of specialized products. Aside from being an influential and powerful visual storytelling instrument, here are a few key benefits of using 3D professional animations for marketing and sales:

Understanding professional products and equipment are generally more complex than text. 3D animation can interact better with engineering features and details in an understandable manner, removing any misconceptions.

Sounds and sights allow stronger audience engagement, developing product interest and information memory.

Creative potentials with 3D animations are massive – product key messaging can transfer in the engaging manner that engages with your audience and stands out from the competition.

Choosing the Best Animated Marketing Videos for Your Business

There’s an increasing number of evidence that indicates animated videos are most efficient for explainers, introductory videos, and landing pages. They allow you to present complex topics. Moreover, they are often less costly and more accessible to create than live action videos.

There are numerous factors you need to consider when choosing the appropriate style of explainer video for your business. Here are some questions that must be able to answer when selecting the best-animated marketing video for your business.

What are the industry standards?

How complicated is your topic?

What is your key message?

Each style of animation has its pros and cons, and you may need to try different options before you can determine which one works best for you and your business. Conduct testing first, ask and review feedback from other customers online, and continually measure your results until you find the best animation style that provides you with outstanding results.