Video has risen to the top of the digital marketing strategies as one of the most effective, if not the most effective, ways of reaching customers. But the type of video you use can make all the difference in the way it works in raising brand awareness, increasing traffic, and boosting conversions.

3D animation is a type of video that involves an additional dimension beyond 2D. It can show the inner workings of products and how they function in interior and underground applications.

But it’s not ideal in every circumstance.

This article will compare 2D and 3D animation so you can better understand how 3D animated videos are used in marketing.

2D vs. 3D: What’s the Difference?

2D animation involves creating individual drawings or images and sequencing them together. The images are brought to life with the digital equivalent of the old-fashioned ‘flip book’ technique. They appear flatter on the page or screen.

3D animation requires layering. A model rig that acts like a skeleton is used to produce movement. Images can be posed within the scene to create the desired effect. The result is a picture with added dimension.

Both 2D and 3D can be used in any situation, it’s just a matter of taste. However, when it comes to marketing, there are scenarios where one will be more suitable than another.

When is 2D Animation Recommended?

2D animation is a fun way to convey simple ideas. Here are some examples of situations where it will be ideal.

· Communicating Concepts: 2D is ideal for when you are communicating ideas, concepts, and products that are not physical. It can show everyday problems and how the solution solves them in daily life. It is perfect for classic startup explainer videos.

· For SaaS Companies and other Non-Tangible Products: A non-tangible product such as software and the like, would not require the dimensions shown in a 3D video. In fact, that may just overcomplicate things. 2D provides a simple format for showing viewers how a bodiless product functions.

· For B2C Sales: B2C products, which are sold directly from the company to the consumer, tend to be less complex in nature. For example, you wouldn’t need a 3D video to market clothing or cosmetics. While appliances and tools may be best advertised in a 3D format, it’s unnecessary for most B2C sales.

· For Companies with a Fun Image: 2D animation has more of a cartoony feel than 3D. Therefore, it’s ideal for companies with a fun image. It can be used by businesses that sell gimmicky products as well as those that cater to children. It can be incorporated into ads that market these types of products using videos that feature animated characters and cartoon animals.

Animals in animated marketing

When is 3D Recommended?

3D animation has a more realistic feel. It shows the features of products and how they function in applications not normally visible to the human eye. Here are some instances where you will want to incorporate it into your marketing strategies:

· For Physical Products: 3D is best for marketing physical products because it shows the viewer exactly how the product works. It is especially useful for technical products that have complex functionalities. It clearly explains how it operates so clients know exactly what to expect.

· It Puts Features in Focus: When you use 3D animation, the focus is more on the way the product works than the problems it solves. You may want to mention how the product solves problems in your marketing campaign. However, the purpose of the video will be to showcase its operation.

· To Create a Realistic Appearance: While 2D animation tends to have a more cartoony look, 3D is more realistic. This makes it best for companies that have a serious image and are selling products that are focused on functionality more than fun.

· For B2B Sales: 3D animation is the best tool for B2B sales. This is because companies that sell to one another tend to deal with products that are technical and designed to get the job done. They don’t often incorporate a sense of fun and frivolity that would be best conveyed through 2D.

3D animation and b2b sales

· For Products with Various Functions: it can be difficult for you to show how a product works if it has various functions. 3D animation is great for providing a clear picture of all its applications.

2D and 3D animation are both terrific tools, but there is a time and place for each. 2D is fun and terrific for expressing concepts and solutions while 3D has a more serious aesthetic and works well in conveying complex ideas. Which one do you feel will work best for your current marketing needs?