3D animation videos can show and explain your products or service in a way that any other marketing medium hardly can. Be they short of long pieces, if made with care, they can instigate emotion in the viewer.

Apart from the fact that 3D animation video improves SEO, it can and it will provoke strong emotions like happiness or sadness. However, the video sometimes has an even bigger role, and that is to inspire the person watching it. We can find such traits in a couple of different works, but most notably in the animation showreels. It is the footage that describes the creator’s previous work. Let’s see which of the most inspirational animation showreels can help you get motivated.

1.    Ken Fountain – Animation Showreel

The first animation showreel is a collection of works from Ken Fountain, an animator who worked with the giants in the film industry – Dreamworks and Blue Sky. His video shows parts of funny cartoon scenes from Snoopy, Shrek, and How to Train Your Dragon.

These little video slices show the beauty of 3D animation videos and cartoons and the hard work that goes into making them. This animation showreel features Ken Fountain’s best works and can bring you to your childhood in less than 5 minutes. It’s fun, inspirational, and provokes the most beautiful feelings you could ever have.

Ken Fountain – Animation Showreel from Ken Fountain on Vimeo.

2.    Josef Atlestam – Showreel 2016

Josef Atlestam’s Showreel of 2016 combines his designs and animations for companies like Pepsico and Haglöfs. Except for imaginary characters and places, we can see how the author plays with geometrical shapes in a dynamic manner.

Although the video is a little more than 1 minute long, Atlestam manages to compile his best animations in a creative fashion. Plus, the choice of the song is the best part of the animated video!

Josef Atlestam – Showreel 2016 from Josef Atlestam on Vimeo.

3.    Nejc Polovsak – Twistedpoly Showreel 2017

Let’s get back to childhood for a moment. But this time, a more abstract one. Nejc Polovsak’s Twistedpoly Showreel displays his best motion work, design, and commercial work up to 2017. His pieces include the commercials for Nike and Swarowski.

The dreamy-like animations look like they’re out of this world and lead the viewer to stop and think about what they just saw. The artist gives new meaning to ordinary objects and plays with their purpose. Impressive use of colors and textures is what gives the showreel a real inspirational character.

Twistedpoly showreel 2017 from Twistedpoly // Nejc Polovsak on Vimeo.

4.    Paul Roberts – Showreel 2014

Paul Robert’s showreel from 2014 pushes the boundaries of standard animation design. His work combines letters into shapes and shapes into letters. Although some of his pieces are filmed videos, the animation part is quite impressive. One of his biggest clients is the popular news and broadcasting service, BBC. We can see the work for BBC in the showreel video as well.

Roberts’ use of a few colors gives his work simplicity which contributes to an easier understanding of the videos. His play with lines and shapes makes the pieces energetic and compelling.

Paul Roberts / Showreel 2014 from Paul Roberts on Vimeo.

5.    Panic – Showreel 2015

The crew from the PANIC studio made an animation showreel that demonstrates their best animations. Most of them will challenge the viewer to think differently by showing the makeup that turns into sunglasses, a phonograph that blows bubbles out of its horn, or tomatoes that go to a job interview.

Vivid colors and an enthusiastic song contribute to the overall feel of the video. Panic’s showreel from 2015 might seem like a burst of colors, but it will make you smile in the end.

Panic || Showreel 2015 from Panic on Vimeo.

6.    Ryo Kitabatake – Showreel 2013

Ryo Kitabatake’s Showreel from 2013 is a 3D animation showcase of his exemplary work. The showreel features multiple videos where the artist combines everyday objects with extraordinary use of geometry and patterns. Kitabatake’s most prominent work is an animation that depicts an Oscar-award-winning movie, Slumdog Millionaire.

The showreel videos play with brushstrokes and the use of multiple fonts. In less than a minute and a half, the artist managed to catch the viewer’s attention. Also, his refined style gives an inspirational tone to the assortment of videos.

SHOWREEL 2013 from Ryo Kitabatake on Vimeo.

7.    Sam Howell – 3D Generalist Showreel

The last animation showreel, Sam Howell’s 3D Generalist, features videos that the artist made for companies such as Panasonic, Sky Sports, Betfair, etc. The video shows both the services that one would use every day and bizarre creatures like a seaweed whale.

The artist’s moody colors contribute to a few emotions that arise from watching the videos. Especially in the post-apocalyptic plane-crashing scene. His portrait of dinosaurs makes it feel as though he really filmed them and put them in the video. Another scene, where we can see fractal-like flowers blooming and forming two skulls gives a dark, but nevertheless a beautiful character to Howell’s work.

Sam Howell – 3D Generalist Showreel from Sam Howell on Vimeo.


When the animation artist cares enough to make an emotional masterpiece, an animation showreel inspires other creators to follow the same path. Not only an animated piece can fire up emotions but show how motivating a video can be.

Ken Fountain’s cartoon videos or Nejc Polovsak’s inspiring colors and textures should give you a reason to start using similar videos in your business. Other than animated videos, you can use 3D product animations that will help the customer understand how your product works and where it can be used.

Just make sure you hire a professional to do the perfect video. If you want to know more, let us step in.