Product videos are a great way to boost company revenue. They show how a product works and how it can provide solutions and add value to clients’ and consumers’ lives.

There are many ways a product video can be presented, but 3D animation may be one of the most effective formats. It shows the inner workings of a product as well as how it functions in a variety of applications.

3D animated product videos offer many benefits, but the best thing about them is their ability to boost sales. Here are some of the ways they can increase your company’s revenue.

3D Animation Stats

Let’s start with a few quick takeaways that show how effective 3D animation can be.

  • A recent study shows that 3D animated product videos can raise company sales by 40%.
  • 96% of B2B firms plan to integrate video into their marketing campaigns in the coming years.
  • 81% of brands highlight 3D animations on their websites.
  • 93% of advertisers use 3D animated videos for online communication, marketing, and sales.


3D Animation Benefits

Here are some other benefits 3D animation can provide:

Saves Time: Animation can time-lapse activities that happen in real life. It allows you to get the message across to the viewer faster before they get bored and walk away. When you deliver the intended communication quickly, the user will be more likely to invest.

They Show How Problems are Solved: Product videos show how a product can be used in various applications to solve the viewers’ problems. Illustrating how it can make their life easier increases the likelihood of a conversion.

They Show Products in Various Applications: The 3D capabilities show the inner workings of a product and how it functions underground and in interiors. It paints a complete and transparent picture of the product’s purpose. This increases trust and makes the viewer feel more confident about their purchasing decision. This is especially useful in more complicated technical products such as can be seen in certain industries like construction or medical technology.

They’re Engaging: Want to spice up a potentially dull sales presentation? 3D animation is the way to do it. It provides viewers with an interactive experience that comes as close as possible to having them actually use the product. Clients will leave with a positive attitude that will make them want to buy your product and work with your company again.

They’re Memorable: Statistics show that seeing a video is 95% more memorable than reading text. When viewers retain the information, they will understand it better. The video will also help your company and product stand out in their minds making you the first one they call when they need your products and services.

They Differentiate Your Company: 3D animation is becoming a more popular video marketing trend, but it is not as commonly used as other types of video marketing strategies. The fact that you are using a medium not many other companies are utilizing will make you stand out from the competitors.

They are Sharable on a Wide Variety of Platforms: Once a 3D video is created, it can be shared on a wide variety of platforms. It can be included in emails and newsletters; it can be featured on websites, and it can be posted on social media. The fact that it can get your message across many channels makes it effective in producing conversions across the board.

They Look Professional: 3D animated videos have a sleek, attractive aesthetic that makes your brand look terrific. They put your best foot forward making you seem like a professional company clients want to work with.

They Offer 24/7 Selling Capabilities: When you’re in business, you want to be able to answer customer inquiries around the clock. Unfortunately, not every company can provide service at all hours. Even chatbots may not be able to address certain issues. A 3D animated video will come as close as possible to providing answers to customer inquiries, so they feel more confident placing orders without speaking to a rep.

Good for Retaining Customers: As a business, you not only want to acquire new customers, but you also want to retain existing customers. Retaining existing customers is about a quarter less expensive and about 61% of your revenue will come from those that have already purchased your products and services. 3D animated video is an effective way to reach out to existing customers to let them know about updates to your product line.

product 3D animation, good product videos can boost sales

They Provide a Real-Life Experience: A 3D animated video has interactive qualities that make the viewer feel as if they are using the product themselves. The almost virtual reality experience makes the product more memorable and brings it to life making the viewer more likely to convert.

Product videos are a great way to increase conversions. Creating them in a 3D animated format makes them even more engaging establishing them as an optimal way to boost sales. How will you be including them in your marketing campaigns?