Networking in product marketingEffectively networking is a must, so get out there and chat organically. Making lasting relationships benefit you on the long run by exposing your company to new opportunities. This works for any business, and especially ones like product marketing where it seems like everything is so connected online, people can still seal the deal outside of the online environment.









Networking at events

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Today’s fast paced environment makes it more and more common for people to completely forget the basics when it comes to human interaction. Because of this reality, here’s the expert guide for efficiently networking at events.

Find events relevant to your industry. You can book them online through eventbrite, meetup, allconferences.

Prepare. Have a few questions ready and think about what you want to share with others. Be aware of the dress code.

Try to connect with people in advance. Make a list of people you’d like to meet at the event and email them.

Initiate as many conversations as possible. Let people know what you`re doing and show interest in their business by listening.

Ask as many questions as possible.

Don’t waste too much time talking to the same person. The point of networking is meeting as many industry experts as possible.

Stay positive and don’t be too pushy.

Collect business cards and give yours out.

Follow up after the event.


On the job

Product Marketing Facts

Who said you have to limit yourself and only network at events? Any place is the place to build connections and meet new people. Even your own workplace.

Be pleasant to talk to. Always smile and try to go the extra mile when doing business with others. Give without expecting something back and good things will naturally come to you.

Business cards. We already mentioned how important is it to have them when attending events. Always keep a few in your pocket, you never know when you might need them.

Remember names. It creates comfort and connection, while making the other person feel valued.

Referrals. Always ask your clients about the possibility of working with their friends or friends of friends. The main benefit of doing business through referrals is that it brings trustworthy, high quality customers.


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