Brands are usually put off by the cost of a video production and try to find alternatives to it. But advertising a product or service through video can also be cost effective if you use 2D/3D animation instead of traditional video. Technical animation and modelling have so many ramifications and ways of using them that it’s almost impossible to not find a way of applying them according to your needs.





How 2D/3D animation can benefit your business

When to use 2D

If your company wants to promote a service, such as, let’s say, remodeling, then you most likely don’t need to spend on 3D, which is more expensive and takes longer to create. Instead, you can get away with 2D. It is great for raising brand awareness, increase engagement, launching a startup or introducing your company’s services. It’s useful as long as you have a simple message to deliver and don’t need to give a very technical explanation of a product.

When to use 3D

No one can deny 3D animation videos are visually amazing. Technical industries with complex products in particular can advertise themselves through it. By using the illusion of depth perception, they are best for complex product explanation. Computer graphics can’t give a good picture of how a building will look, but 3D modelling comes in handy by enhancing curb appeal. Characters are more realistic and the video will end up looking extremely professional.


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