Video marketing is the most effective way to reach potential clients through digital means. It offers video and audio elements that tell a whole story. It’s eye-catching and exciting.

But is it anything new, and what are the benefits of video marketing?

People that remember a time when streaming services weren’t the only way to watch television will recall that there is an alternate medium known as the television commercial. Like videos, they are created to sell products. They include video and audio elements. They provide consumers with valuable information and incorporate unique elements that get people to take notice.

But the videos that are popularly used today differ from commercials in many ways. Read on to find out the benefits of video marketing and why it’s a better vehicle than the old-school television commercial.

Benefits of video marketing data

Commercials are somewhat traceable in that business might take off after one airs. But it’s impossible to determine specific customer activity based on how the commercial is being received.


Video can be released on various platforms including websites and social media sites. They can be sent in emails and newsletters.

Analytics is used to track how well the video performs including how many people watched, how far they got into the video, and whether the media prompted them to convert. Companies can use this information to determine the video’s effectiveness in reaching customers, whether it needs to be tweaked and whether it’s producing a high ROI.


When you release a video that airs on public television, it could reach anyone including people who are not likely to buy your product. You can try to air it during a show that you think your target audience is likely to watch, but other than that, it’s basically a crapshoot.

Today’s videos can be posted to social media through a boosted ad that allows you to select exactly who it’s reaching based on demographics like age, location, gender, and sometimes even education and job type. That way you can be sure it’s getting to people that are likely to convert.

If you are working B2B instead of B2C this is an exceptionally useful feature. You can use targeted advertising to reach the specific industries you want to. PinkSquare works with companies to produce 3D product animations in a bunch of sectors from producers of medical devices to construction companies and industrial machinery producers.


For most people, a television commercial means it’s time to get up and use the restroom, grab a snack or check your emails. It’s filler material that plays while you wait for the show to return, and it rarely gets paid attention to.

Videos can be watched at a customer’s leisure. So if they bothered to click play, it means they are choosing to view it and they will have some time to designate to seeing a good portion of it.

Sure, not everyone will click on your video or take the time to watch it all the way through, but it’s more likely to get viewed than a commercial.

They are Available on More Modern Platforms

Let’s face it. There are just not that many people watching TV anymore. They would rather browse their computers and phones or watch commercial-free streaming services.

A video reaches consumers where they are likely to be; on the internet and social media sites. This makes them a preferred medium for boosting sales

Videos are Sharable

If someone really enjoys your video or thinks it sends an important message, it’s easy for them to share it with friends on social media channels. Usually, there are share buttons that allow them to post the video to their feed with a few clicks of the mouse. Once shared, they can get your message out to their following increasing your reach and ROI.


If they see a commercial they like and wish they could share it, the only option will be to search for it on social media to find out if it’s in a sharable format. The truth is, not many people will put in that much effort.

You Can Click Through

Many videos have click-through capabilities. Consumers can click on the video or a nearby link to be taken to the business website or to other videos they have produced. Once there, they can learn more about your company and they may even end up converting.

When a consumer views a commercial, the business will be lucky if they remember the name of the brand or product much less bother to look it up and check out the website or brick and mortar location.

More Customizable

When you create a video, the format you choose is up to you. You can make it short or long. You can customize it for any social media site including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more.

When you create a commercial, you are pretty much confined to the requirements of the network. It must fit the exact time slot. You also may have less creative freedom in accordance with certain restrictions.


To air a television commercial, you must pay the network a considerable fee which may get higher depending on the slot you are requesting. A video can be created within your budget and aired on most platforms for free where they can be viewed at any time.

Money through video marketing

You can boost your video for a reasonable fee, but it will still be way less expensive than a television commercial.

Now that you know the many benefits video marketing offers over television commercials, why go back to the old medium? How will you be integrating video in your marketing future?