Pitching up services and products by portraying the overall standard and vision of your business is essential, hence the booming of explainer videos in the last couple of years. Studies show that 74% of users who watched an explainer video about a product eventually bought it. 83% of businesses who used video marketing registered significant earnings as it engages even the laziest buyers.

“Video is like pizza, even when it’s bad, it’s still pretty good”

Although brand film is still being used a lot, animation is a clever storytelling tool that gives unique emotional stimulation. Whether it`s 2D or 3D, more and more marketing campaigns have animation integrated in their selling strategy. Attention spans are decreasing and companies are trying to find the best way to attract people’s attention.

Let’s face it. Product explainer videos are the best way to attract and engage your audience and can also help boost conversion rates by 80%. They are short, engaging, sometimes even fun, they inform about the product and can be used on different platforms!

Let’s have a look at some of the best product explainer videos out there for inspiration.

2D animated explainer videos

Mainly used to break down concepts regarding tech products, 2D animation are best when it comes to effectiveness and cost saving. When considering the return of investment, both B2C and B2B companies tend to choose it over live film because it`s emotion evoking and focuses on the message, without overwhelming the audience.

1. IKEA Sales Tool

Realistically speaking, meeting customer expectations is never easy, but Ikea seems to have found the perfect solution with a mobile device tool that supports sales team when assisting people in finding home purchases. The animation is a mix of great storytelling and principles that show the value of the product.

2. Walmart motion graphics

As one of the largest american multinational retailers, Walmart obviously cares about customer experience. The benefits of having the product data both online and offline  are explained in a video YumyYumy recently produced for Walmart`supplier center. In less than 2 minutes, Walmart shows why relevant rich content makes the difference between sales and a missed opportunity.

3. Duolingo

Explaining how a language learning app works might seem a daunting task to complete. However, P&C put together this awesome video which shows the world that free language education is possible.  

4. Zazzle Screen Printing Technology


Zazzle is a marketplace where designers and customers connect. Clients have the possibility of designing and customizing their own T shirt, then Zazzle will print and ship them. Or designers can sell their customizable products to millions of shoppers. The fun, engaging advert promotes them as an affordable, revolutionary high tech company that makes the impossible possible. Video credits: epipheo.com

5. Cotonique clothing

Cotonique is an allergy free, sustainable clothing brand made from 100% organic cotton. These guys do a great job at disclosing their identity by diligently going into detail about their innovative patent hydro thermal fabric finishing  technology. Their rich fact based 3D video points out why wearing any cheap, regular clothes is damaging for the body as opposed to carefully choosing the textiles.

6. Groupon marketplace

Ever wondered how to find the best offers and discounts ? Confused potential customers no longer need to wonder because  Vanida Vae and the talented Brad Chmielewski made an awesome job at clarifying Groupon`s identity in only 30 seconds.

7. Spotify U.S. promo

First thing that comes into our mind when playing Spotify`s promo? Catchy soundtrack, sketchy illustration and a very basic but effective color scheme. The audio-visual experience was designed and produced by Stockholm based Magnus Östergren.

8. Crazy Egg


With this product explainer video, Crazy Egg targeted the pain that many companies have, of not knowing why their website is not converting. With a fun and engaging video, they showed how the heatmaps and scrollmaps look like and how they can help you improve your website. Showing your product in action many times leads you closer to a sale!

9. My Cloud demo explainer video

Buck TV are known for their great digital production skills.  And My Cloud personal storage device explainer video  is no exception to that. Their 2D animation shows users how it works. No more digital mess spread across your laptop or smartphone

10. Scripted demo explainer video

Scripted is a huge provider of flawless written content. For instance, if a business is struggling with blog articles that can potentially help them grow, using their service would be a cheap solution. Using smooth animation and nice graphics, this explainer video boosts the brand`s identity

11. Trippeo travel expense management

Trippeo provides a travel management solution for all business owners who struggle with the expense process. The eye-pleasing, intuitive, problem-solving approach taken in this project gives admins full control over employee spend. The flat animation with SVG content integrated in the background complements the design and supports the user experience.

12. Airbnb Wall & Chain

Created by Psyop, this heartwarming production aims to turn the Fall of the Berlin Wall into an ad campaign. As a community driven travel company, Airbnb believes that people can “Belong Anywhere” thus celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall by telling a true story: the story of Catherine, who in 2012 took her father back to Berlin for the first time since the fall of the wall. The video went viral. Main reason ? Airbnb`s innovative content-led marketing strategy that delivers more than just “lodging and location”.

13. Panorama9 IT-MAN

Panorama9 provides solutions for IT monitoring and management. IT superpowers to IT-people! With the adventures of the IT-MAN, Panorama9 showed how the right animated product explainer video can make even a mundane product look exciting.

3D animated explainer videos

Over the past several years, 2D animation was slowly replaced by 3D animation.  Unlike live action explainer videos, 3D animation goes in deep when explaining certain features of a product. Nowadays businesses tend to invest way more time and money into their own image. Thus 3D tools represent a stylish, innovative way to showcase your brand`s concept. Here are some great examples of brand advertisement done with 3D animated tools.

1. Nationwide financial solutions

This american insurance company offers comprehensive strategies and tools to help people simply their retirement choices. A topic such as financial planning is not easy to break down, yet Nationwide`s 3D animation explainer video makes everything seem like a piece of cake.

2. Alstom energy service

Alstom is all about urban development – intelligent mobility and shaping up a smart city for a better, faster and sustainable world. These french folks managed to deliver a concise and informative 3D presentation of their vision.

3. Ferrari 812 Superfast

A launch of a new Ferrari usually creates a high level of gossip. The engine of this super GT car is the work of a genius and its functionalities and display are explained in this detailed 3D. In this self-explanatory video, one is able to explore it from all angles thus given a fair representation of the product.

4. GE 3D Digital Solutions

Is the term “industrial internet” unknown to you ? It is no longer the case. Imagine a highway where cars are able to navigate without a driver. GE helps industrial companies grow by offering the best technology solutions.Using a wind turbine as an example, it shows people the way these brilliant machines provide  insights to make better decisions and how they`ll l impact the future, generating long term value.

5. Abengoa: the future of what`s left behind

Since its founding, Abengoa makes efforts to improve lives through scientific innovation. Their mission is to make the most out of renewable energy. As exposed above, they developed a new enzyme that converts the unusable residue into usable energy at minimum cost and maximum outcome.

6. Abreal property management service

“Your property, our passion” would be the catchphrase that defines Abrea’s goal. Having trouble as a new tenant is no longer the case, because these guys make sure to solve any inconvenience regarding maintenance or rent of the place. Video credits: Flash Forward Productions.

7. Telefonica M2M world

Let`s take another example of marketing done right: in this flawless 3D production, the spanish multinational encourages multi-channel communication and boosting connections for a better world.

8. ABB Robotics: YuMi Technical details

ABB robotics recently introduced YuMI, the world`s first truly collaborative robot. The flawless 3D shows how robotic automation occurs and how it can fundamentally impact many industries. The company unveiled  the dual arm, smart parts assembly robot solution at Hannover Messe 2015.

9. Access logistic software


CRM, planning and scheduling, production, warehouse or HR have never been easier to streamline.The Access logistic software provides businesses with the best management service. Production planning and scheduling have never been easier.

10. Chipotle

Chipotle, one of the biggest players in the fast food market, raises the issue of ethical farming in this product explainer video. They show how important animal welfare is for them and how they get the raw materials for their products. This mini-movie-like explainer video is engaging, it raises questions and is very pleasing to the eye with the claymation style animation.

11. State Street

State street corporation provides financial data analytics and solutions for investors. Although 3D tools are mostly used to explain products, their explainer series aim to enlighten both employees and employers regarding their service. The above video explains how data and analytics help alternative asset managers to outperform the pack.

12. Xbox One S

True gamers can now play the greatest game lineup on a smaller console: slimer, faster, sleeker and sharper than his sisters, this advanced device has the best looking console ever and  provides a high dynamic range technology with the addition of extra performance for 4K and HDR.

13. Flowater filtration

Heading towards sustainable development, The Flowater 3D explainer video shows how ordinary tap water can be purified with their refill station, delivering the most purified, mineral enhanced water. Using high tech methods, flowater manufacturers aim to revolutionize the way people drink water.

14. Med Mart App


Med Mart solves the problem of easily finding a doctor, getting a price for a procedure and funding it. All in one app. With this eye-pleasing product explainer video Med Mart explains how their app works and how it makes the lives of their users easier, in just 90 seconds.

15. Google Home

Google Home is a voice-activated speaker powered by Google Assistant that helps to manage everyday tasks. Filling in the role of a personal assistant has never been easier and within only 60 seconds, the perks of having the cool device is revealed.

16. Nike Airmax

Be it a live video or a 3D production, Nike just continues to do it again and again. Their secret ? Sticky storytelling and engaging content. Everyone must have heard at least once about Airmax shoes and their cushioning details. Or maybe not ?  One click on the above video and 30 seconds later and you`ll already know almost everything about them.

17. Nightingale

Nightingale is the first smart home sleeping system designed to hide disturbing noises. The animated video showcases its features and the way it helps people fall asleep faster

Therefore the insightful tendencies of 2D and 3D can bring to life any brand`s vision. By bringing concepts and ideas to life, animation efficiently targets an audience, makes sure a product qualities are uplifted and helps to position businesses as technologically sophisticated.

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