Let’s make one thing clear. We do not believe it is important to use animation for the sake of animation itself.

We believe that the following is important and key to good communication and therefore also to great marketing videos. And because animation provides that it can be an important part of video marketing.

  • Clear precise communication….. Focused, with no distractions, and with nothing to misunderstand.
  • Efficient. You have very little time this day to capture attention and have messages come across. Not wasting a second on anything not relevant
  • Memorable, be different (animation provides the opportunity to show something extraordinary and different

Animation is a great tool to include in video marketing. But a company shouldn’t just incorporate it for the heck of it. There should be a reason why they choose the animated route.

Businesses that use animation in their marketing strategies should do so for a purpose. It may be that they feel it helps to communicate a point. They may think it’s the right fit for their brand and product. But when it’s used correctly, it can really help your brand stand out.

This article will discuss the importance of including animation in video marketing and why it may be the right choice for your next campaign.

It Fits the Brand

There are various types of animation and these can basically be categorized into 2D and 3D. Either may fit your brand, but it’s rare that both of them will.

2D animation has a non-layered look and it’s commonly seen in children’s cartoons. It’s ideal if your brand sells gimmicky, fun products or caters to kids. If this is the case, it’s clear to see how it will appeal to your target audience.

3D animation has a realistic, layered look. It can be used in any type of animation, but it’s commonly integrated into technical product videos. It’s ideal for this purpose because it shows the inner workings of products and how they function in internal applications.

You may consider incorporating 2D or 3D animation in your marketing materials if your business falls into one of these categories (fun or industrial) or if you feel your brand fits the animation mold in another way.

You Need to Convey a Complex Idea Accurately

Not every idea can be easily explained with words. A visual element can be used to convey complex concepts.

Let’s say you are trying to explain how a specific tool works. It may work in various applications. You may also want to show how its interior design helps with its functionality.

Using words to explain how the tool works is not going to do it justice. Images are necessary. And not just any image.

A flat image can show the tool, but it’s not going to show it in action. A video is a better choice, but live video can lead to obstructions and make for a timely involved process that may end up boring the viewer.

3D animation is your best option as it will clearly show how the product works, inside and out, without any obstructions. It can also cover time lapses to show the viewer what they need to be seeing without taking precious minutes out of their day.

Animation is also fun and relatable. It brings us back to our childhood presenting ideas that are difficult to grasp in an engaging and friendly way. It explains concepts in an approachable manner so we can easily get our minds around things.

It’s Efficient

Previously, we discussed how animated video efficiently delivers complex ideas. For example, if you are watching a live video of someone sawing through a piece of wood, you will have to wait for them to get into position, saw the wood, and maybe even deal with the clean-up.

An animated video can show the same process in just seconds so the viewer can quickly absorb the main idea.

But video is also efficient for the company that’s using it. It doesn’t involve hiring acting talent, scouting locations, dealing with elements that can shut down filming, and other barriers. All you need to do is hire an animator and get your idea across. If you are working with a reputable artist, they should be able to produce a finished product in a stress-free and timely manner.

It’s Memorable

Video is a popular marketing tool because it’s so memorable. Statistics show that people will remember 95% of what they see in a video as opposed to 10% of what they read in text.

And you know what will make your video even more memorable? Animation.

Not a lot of people use animation in their marketing videos. If you use it in yours it will make it stand out from the pack. The fun and relatable content will stick in someone’s mind.

Memorable Video Marketing

And with animation, there are no limits. You can have your animator draw something bizarre and mind-boggling and you can have them use colors and images that are unique. This will further help to embed your video in a viewer’s memory.

Animation is an important video marketing tool, but it will work best if there’s a purpose behind it. Now that you know when, and more importantly why to use it, you are ready to take your campaigns to the next level. How will you be incorporating it into your materials?