Why advertise when you have all the free benefits of social media? You must pay to run ads and it’s always tricky to measure whether or not it’s worth the investment. But attracting solid, new clients for your business requires a bit more work than sharing content after opening a Facebook account and not every type of advertisement will break the bank. Here at PinkSquare we specialize in 3D animation, but while we believe the types of 3D animations we make are exceptionally effective for marketing, choosing which channels to utilize is just as important as great advertising.


Google Ads, Pay per Click advertisement

According to Define Media Group, 93% of search traffic comes from Google. This is when PPC advertisement comes in handy, displaying to potential buyers. Just be careful to do it right in order to drive the relevant audience.

Affiliate email newsletter and website ad placement

Referrals work wonders when attracting new customers. Contact organizations you have previously done business with, or who you have good relations with, and ask for permission to contribute to their email newsletter or post an advert on their website.


Put up a sign

Take advantage of your physical working space and display your company details outside your office or factory. Get creative and maybe insert some catchy lines. Someone might find your work interesting and end up contacting you.

Distribute business cards

Never underestimate the power of those old school business cards. Don’t miss any opportunity to hand them out to potential customers when attending events and meetings.

Sponsor events

Get your name out there by sponsoring a local event. Check out which are the most affordable or even ask for a deal.

Speak at events

A neglected, but important part of every business strategy is public speaking. Market yourself as an expert. Plan and promote your speech, then sign up for local or even international events that can help you stand out.

Distribute flyers

A designer would do an awesome job at creating a personalized flyer or poster in Illustrator and Photoshop, but if you’re tight with budget, online tools such as Canva, Flierforfree, Piktochart, Brother, Stocklayouts, BeFunky will come in handy. Always include contact details and visuals that strengthen your brand identity.

Publish an ad in print

Traditional marketing still works wonders, especially if you run an industrial company. It might sound a bit old fashioned, but running print advertising increases brand visibility. However, make sure you choose wisely your publications. They must be relevant to your industry.

Print your company’s name on freebie items

Custom t-shirts or other type of corporate freebies are inexpensive marketing tools that act as gifts, but also lift employee pride. It’s a great way of visually connect with potential clients and spark interest.

Invest in a TV commercial

TV or digital ads? They say digital marketing is the only marketing worth investing in. We think it’s worth investing in both. 30 seconds of ad running on TV will instantly get you more traffic. Wonder why? One of the oldest concepts in marketing applies here: a potential customer must see or hear about a product multiple times before deciding to take action.


  • Advertising Research Foundation found that when you grow the number of platforms you advertise on, you increase your ROI by 35%.
  • In Finland, television reaches 97% of the population within a month.
  • An average broadcast TV campaign (400 GRP) in Brazil gets 797 million views.
  • In the Netherlands, TV accounts for 94,4% of all video time for the total population.
  • In Ireland, TV accounts for 69,4% of all video time for 15-34-year-olds.-using cvi