Have you ever incorporated 3D product demos into your B2B advertising strategy?

B2B companies have a narrow area of expertise to market. Most of the material produced for marketing purposes end up discarded since the content has to fit the exact needs of the clients. It is a hit or miss material you have to use well in your strategies.

Moreover, it has to look as professional as possible due to the high B2B standards. You are less likely to show a 3D product demo to an average consumer. The people who will, however, be your marketing demographic are the experts in the field.

So, if you haven’t yet tried using B2B product demo videos in your campaigns, now is the right time. But before you dig into the video world, here are our best practice tips on engaging product demos.

Grab Your Advertising Opportunity with B2B Product Videos

Prospects in B2B campaigns will watch your existing videos or ask for more material if they want to know your product before deciding to make the purchase. What you must take into consideration is time. Big company representatives lack time to go through documentation about the product. You will have to catch their attention in a few seconds with product demos.

The video will affect their decision. Therefore, you must deliver an amazing piece of work to future customers. That piece should resonate your company’s values and serve as the focal point of your marketing strategy. Whether you have one or ten of these videos, they are a tool to build brand relationships. Following are the 5 golden traits of a B2B product demo video.

  • It has to be professional

As already mentioned, a company with high industry standards won’t settle down for a video shot on a smartphone. They will want to see a high-end video made with professional program. Make sure you have a 3D product video expert and a fabulous editor on speed dial.

  • Show the expertise

A few simple frames won’t show the functionality of the product. A 3D product view is hardly enough to engage the viewer. You need to go more in-depth than that. Make a 3D product demo where the client can see how well you know your niche.

  • Is it useful?

Apart from the expertise, you have to take into account the usefulness factor. In other words, ask yourself if the prospects will understand the potential of our product after watching the video. The purpose is to show the product’s value.

  • Make it stand out

Why is your product unique? What does it have that makes it special? Highlight those qualities in a video and tell it directly to the audience. If your product looks the same and has the same features as any other similar product out there, find the one thing that makes it unique and demonstrate it to the viewer.

  • Give it personality

The last trait has to do more with the soul of the product and the brand than with outer qualities. If you’re selling nailguns and you need technical animation videos for the campaign, give them personality. That way both your former clients and prospects will remember every video you show them.

3D video

Set the Tone with 3D Product Demos

Setting the right tone in 3D product demos means you have to know what the prospect expect from the product. Think about the type of video. Will it be an explainer video, where you show mainly how the product works. Will it be a demo, where you guide the viewer?

When you know what your prospects want to see, a B2B product demo will deliver the right message. What you need are positive brand values which you can get by the five traits we mentioned earlier.

Incorporate Product Demos in Your Content Strategy

3D product demos should have a bigger job than just explaining and engaging the viewer. You should integrate them into the content strategy with all the other material you already have.

There are a few things you can do. Creating only one video and showing it on repeat in every campaign is like making a billboard and let it stay in its place for too long. You can make a series of 3D product demos and categorize them.

For example, you can have videos displayed only at events. The others can serve as a conversion tool in newsletters, while the last category can be specifically-crafted videos for the end-funnel prospects and repeat clients because those are the ones you expect most from.

Surely, you should optimise the videos you publish online. Especially the ones on social media. Also, consider adding them to other pages throughout the website.

Your 3D product demos should make way into the whole content strategy. They will enhance the customer experience and give your customers a reason to visit your site again. You can share them in emails, use them as business tools instead of answering enquiries, as well as displaying them at events.

Let your team know where they can access the videos so that they can use them when needed.

YouTube video

The Don’ts of Engaging Product Demos

After we’ve enlisted how you can turn your 3D product demos into converting machines, here are some B2B product demo pitfalls you would want to avoid at all times. They could not only damage your brand’s reputation but leave you with great costs.

Hiring an inexperienced videographer.

The first bad choice you can make is to hire someone who is doing the gig for the first time. They lack the knowledge about making good product demos and they have the most basic program to work with. They’re probably quite cheap, but are you ready to trade professionalism for cheaply-made videos?

Making videos for the sake of the videos

You heard your competitor had a few videos made and you instantly think: “I need a product video as well!” That kind of thinking will get you into trouble. Think about whether you really need videos, what type of videos you need or what type of videos would your audience prefer. Don’tmake assumptions based on your competitor’s marketing moves.

Not optimizing the videos

Lastly, get a great digital marketing expert to distribute the videos across all platforms. They should know how to optimize them so the audience could easily find them. The marketing expert should also be able to come up with an effective strategy that will have an impact on your conversion rates.

Do You Need 3D Product Demos?

Product demos are perfect for B2B companies struggling to explain their products to prospects. However, the videos should have the highest standards to meet the needs of your future customers. The perfectly-crafted demo is a short, useful and unique work of art that can engage people and show them the real value of your company. It’s time for you to incorporate a product demo video into your marketing strategy. Show the audience how much your product’s worth.

If you own a B2B company and want a 3D product demo or you’re unsure if you need it, make sure to contact us at PinkSquare.