We see commercials everywhere. On average, we are exposed to 300-700 advertisements every day! That’s a lot of information to process. As consumers, we tune out from most of these messages without thinking twice. But when you’re the one selling a product, how do you make sure people hear what you have to say? Sure, you probably use a combination of written words, powerful images and attention-grabbing videos. But what if you could send your message in an even more effective way? With 3D animations, you can!

What is a 3D product animation?

If your only experience with three-dimensional graphics is from the movie theater, the first thing you should know is that you do not need special glasses to view 3D animations on your computer or phone.

We call them 3D animations because these images can show your product from every angle: front, side, back, inside, you name it. They are created in a way that allows for a very realistic experience, since they can mimic materials like wood and fabric to great depth.

Let’s say your company sells sofa beds and most of your sales are done through your webshop. Since you don’t have a salesperson that can physically demonstrate how to open and close the couch, you will probably want to show how it’s done with the help of a video. The problem is that even if your video is short, the chances of your client watching the whole thing are minimal.

That’s when animations come to rescue! To stay with the example above, you can show how to fold and unfold the couch in a matter of seconds, while the same task would take 3-5 times longer with a video format. Also, you don’t need to worry about finding a person to demonstrate it or if the person’s hands will get in the way of the camera. And best of all, you’re much more likely to grab your viewer’s attention, since 3D animations groundbreaking news.

How can 3D animations improve your marketing campaigns?

Whether you are a leader in your industry or just starting up, 3D animations can help you show your product in a unique light. Here are some ways in which animations can boost your Marketing campaigns:

  • Show it faster: In comparison to video, animations can pack in more information in a shorter span of time. To learn more about the differences between video and 3D animations, go to 5 reasons 3D product animation beats video.
  • Communicate more efficiently: When you animate your product, you make it as close to “the real deal” as you can possibly get. That means you can show it from the inside or from any other angle your customer needs to see it. And unlike what happens with video, an animation doesn’t need a person to handle the product, so you get a clear view every time.
  • Grab your viewer’s attention: You only have a few seconds to hook your viewers, before they move on to something else. 3D animations are different, so they naturally call more attention than other image formats. In a time where thousands of companies are competing for viewer’s attention, this could be your ticket to higher traffic and increased conversions.
  • Be among the pioneers: The vast majority of companies is still catching up with the video format for presenting their products. You have a chance to be among the first in your industry to go beyond video and use a technology that is even more modern. This is particularly relevant when you have an innovative product, since you want your website to do justice to the product you are offering.

Getting a 3D animation of your product is easier than you think

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It’s hard to argue against the power of animations as a marketing tool. As we mentioned, they work wonders in attracting your viewers’ attention and showing your product in a unique new light. Animations are both more efficient and more innovative than video, which are important factors to consider, especially when you have a highly original product.

If you’re considering using a 3D animation or if you’d like to get a quote, let us know. PinkSquare can make the whole process easy as pie. All you have to do is tell us what you would like and we’ll come up with an animation that meets your needs. The whole process is hassle-free, fast and affordable.

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Nathalie Bassanesi, authorWritten by Nathalie Bassanesi
Nathalie Bassanesi is a content marketer based in Denmark. She helps companies increase conversions by writing and amplifying quality content. She recently transitioned into Marketing after 8 years of teaching, but has already built a large portfolio in different industries.

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