A good product deserves a good presentation. In an ideal world, we would always be able to give our potential customers our very best sales pitch in person, but that’s not always the way it works anymore. The fact is, more and more potential customers will visit your website before they have any other contact with you or your company. (If they come into contact with you at all!) Your website is where you’ll be most likely doing your sales pitch. 3D animation is a great way to let your product present itself when you’re not there.

Engage your Audience

Your audience is demanding more dynamic and engaging content. Animating your product is an easy way to create great content and explain your product effectively. People take more interest when something is moving, therefore making videos and animations is the best way to capture the attention of your potential customers. 3D animations are better at engaging audiences, especially if the product is complex. See why this is the case in our 10 second challenge: Video vs 3D Animation.

Communicate Quickly and Clearly

In a world where time is increasingly valuable 3D animation gets ideas across quickly, precisely, and clearly. 3D animation lets you make an impact and communicate your product’s benefits in a short period of time. Your audience doesn’t have the time or patience for a face-to-face “sales” pitch. They don’t want to invest time in meetings where they don’t know anything about the product, so they want to see something first. This is where 3D animation comes in as your online sales pitch.

Of course, your time is valuable too, 3D animation and video lets you showcase your product from its best angles to a large audience all at once, anywhere, at any time of the day. Videos are also something that people are likely to share and watch with others, spreading their reach even further.

Many people are most of the day; when they’re at work, in the evenings, and at the weekends, that’s lots of hours being bombarded with advertising and content. That is why your potential customers have a shorter attention span when it comes to online content. Also, their demand for richer content and greater convenience means that companies need to rethink their advertising strategy to fit this.

Show your Product in its Best Light

3D animation videos are especially useful for companies with physical products. Companies use 3D animation to communicate product benefits and features in a simple and effective way. It is a visually appealing way to illustrate how products are installed, used, and maintained. 3D animations work well for both the company and the client, as it simplifies complicated concepts and creates life-like images for better knowledge and understanding.

Your competition is only one click away as it’s no longer limited to local shops during business hours. Actually, most people are online outside of business hours which means you won’t be around to explain your product. 3D animation can do that for you.