Tillex is a Danish owned company that specializes in the sale and manufacturing of fastening products for leading wholesalers. They use high quality plastic materials, and their nails and screws are made of a durable steel. They have an innovative spirit and are committed to providing their customers with reliable products at an affordable price.

The company recently came out with Attack Plugs for aerated concrete and LECA blocks. They are adapted for wood, self-tapping and chipboard screws. They have a collar that keeps them from disappearing into the drill hole. The triangular shape prevents the plugs from rotating as they are being drilled.

While a description of the product gives consumers insight on how the product works, showing it in action will provide a clear idea of how effective it can be. But trying to capture the action in a real time video is nearly impossible. 3D construction animation is the way to go when it comes to showing the product’s attributes and how it secures a screw into the wall.

The video Pink Square provided illustrated exactly how to insert the plug into the wall. It showed an interior view of the wall giving viewers behind the scenes action as well as a clear picture of how the plug expands once inside to keep it secure. It teaches the viewer how to use the plugs in different applications.

The video informs the consumer on how the plugs can be used in an easy to understand and affordable package that can be shared across social media platforms.

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