FLSmidth used 3D animation to present their two-base rotary kiln. The video shows the position of the kiln, its features, and how the product looks in action. The industrial video explains the process in an understandable way.

The 3D video enabled the company to bring closer this industrial product to the customer. It also gives the chance to use a video for promotional purposes. With images, this would be almost impossible. However, by visualising every step of the way, the team at PinkSquare made the process easily understandable for the viewer.

How 3D animations Changed the Course of History?

Not so long ago, computer graphics couldn’t deliver believable renderings. Luckily, today we have 3D tools to produce photorealistic renderings and give three dimensions to flat elements.

More and more companies decide to use video to deliver their product plans to the customers. It’s the same in Hollywood, where CGI elements manage to deceive the viewers with special effects that make us feel like it’s all real.

Although this is far from CGI, it not only lets you see the design and the look of the product but enables you to explain the product. The idea turns into a visual and moving demonstration for anyone who will watch the video afterward.

This is crucial for industrial companies as 3D video can show what is inside of the product. In other words, FLSmidth managed to display what happens inside of their kiln without any verbal explanation.

Also, flexibility during the creation of the video allowed them to reimagine their initial idea. That’s PinkSquare’s here. When you get a vision about your next 3D video, make sure to get a quote from us. We’re a team of videography experts who will help you turn your ideas into reality and help you boost sales with the power of video.

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