Industrial 3D Animation


From cave paintings to animated 3D models, humans have been using visualizations for millennia as a way to simplify complex ideas and creations for others. PinkSquare’s specialized 3D animation for industrial business are no different.


PinkSquare uses specialized software to create technical 3D animations and videos for a wide number of industrial businesses in the manufacturing, production, and mining sectors. Our work simplifies complex industrial propositions and machinery, making it simple for you to explain your product to anyone.


Create a 3D animation product demo video for your product and help your business increase its sales. Even if your product is complex and hard to explain, an animated product video makes it very easy to demonstrate the capabilities of your product. Help your customers better understand your product by visualizing it and communicating its features clearly, precisely and in an engaging way.

Video is the future

Online video marketing statistics have shown that 45% of internet users watch at least an hour of videos a week on Facebook and Youtube and that more than 500 million hours of videos are being watched on Youtube every day and over 100 on Facebook. This means that having a high quality and engaging demo video is extremely important for the online presence of your product and your company.


But why choose to have a photorealistic 3D product animation of your industrial equipment or manufacturing machinery and not just a regular video?

  • 3D animated representations can be much shorter than live action. Customers usually prefer watching a short video and getting a quick impression of the product, in order to be certain about the quality and decide whether they would be interested in buying it.
    Show all the features of your product even if that means that you have to show the inner parts of your products. Exploding assemblies, cutaways, section views or dissolved components to show internal components; 3D product animation makes all that possible!
  • You won’t have to worry about lighting or your product’s good looks. Maybe your product also has different color variations or finishes? No problem!
  • You can present your product in any environment you like. It can just be a white, simple background, a naturalistic one or one in between.
  • Even if your product is still just a prototype, you can present it to customers or investors through a 3D animation presentation.
What’s best about PinkSquare’s 3D product animations?
  • Fast: Projects featuring simple industrial machinery can take as short as a few business days to complete. Curious how we manage to finish so fast? Our team of talented 3D animators uses a streamlined production process along with the latest tools and software.
  • Easy: The process of making your 3D animation has been made very simple and transparent so that you can easily follow all the steps of the process.
  • Affordable: Pinksquare delivers very high-quality 3D product animations for an affordable price, providing value for money to your business.
  • Expertise: Our 3D animation have 10 years of experience working with technical and industrial products
  • Up-to-date: We use all the latest specialized software 3ds Max to create your 3D product animations.
How can you use the 3D product animation of your technical product for marketing and sales?
  • Become more visible online and increase engagement by using a 3D product animation on the internet. Your company and product need to be present in the best way possible to convince consumers of their capabilities.
  • Upload your new 3D product video on your website and optimize for the search engines, increase conversions, decrease the bounce rate of your pages and come to a step closer to more sales!
  • Increase engagement on social media by embedding your 3D product animated video on your pages.
  • A detailed 3D animation demo video of your product can be a great addition to the toolbox of your sales department. It can explain your product features to potential clients better than any salesperson or text and image presentation.

Do you produce processing machines, ball mills, sand washing machines, molding machines, assembly lines, indoor climate products, hydraulic technologies, mobile machinery or any other industrial machinery you can imagine? Pinksquare’s specialized 3D video animation experts will give all their love to create the video presentation that your product really deserves.

PinkSquare does 3D animations for all types of companies, including construction, and consumer goods businesses. Want to get started right away? Send us a request for your free proposal.

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