DF Conceal is a California-based company that specializes in concealment products designed with the installer and end user in mind. Their products are standardized but can be customized to city code specifications. They are efficient, easy to install, affordable and they ‘stand out by blending in’.

Their Universal Pole Top is a product designed to be installed on various steel and wood poles and antennas. The top mount supports a 16” wide cylindrical antenna while the two-piece lower skirt conceals the mounting base.

When DF Conceal decided they wanted a video to show consumers how their products work, they faced several challenges. For one, their pole top mounts are located on the top of streetlights making height an issue. Illustrating the various ways the mount can adjust to different poles was also difficult and could require hours of human labor.

Rather than spending a ton of money on drone cams and labor, they decided a 3D product animation was the way to go.

PinkSquare helped them create an animated video that shows the viewer exactly how the product works. It provides a clear view of the pole mount’s inner workings and the installations necessary for the various poles that can be used. It is a realistic, high quality visual that tells the entire story and can easily be shared on a variety of platforms.

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