HomeValet is a company that innovates the way food delivery happens at home. They provide a SmartBox that sits outside the home. It is a storage device that regulates temperature to keep food safe and fresh so you can pick it up at your convenience. It connects with online retailers to ensure everyone is on the same page.

The company found themselves in an unusual situation as they wanted to get the word out about their product while it was still in the design stages. They turned to PinkSquare to help them create a 3D product animation that would let consumers know how the Smart Box worked before they could see it up close.

The video helped the company deal with challenges they faced in highlighting the product’s various features and functionalities. It illustrated how the look of the Smartbox could be customized to the customer’s preference. It also showed how the box could be situated in various locations around the home.

It was a great alternative to the extensive readable content that would have had to be provided to describe the components in detail. The visual format makes it easier for customers to digest the information. It also makes it possible to create an interface that both lists and links to each selling point the SmartBox has. This way, people interested in a specific aspect of the product can jump straight to it and clear their doubts.

Overall, the video worked as an effective B2C marketing tool offering extensive detailed information. It helped to drive sales and provided an easily sharable, cost effective solution for the company.

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