D.R. Nelson & Associates, experts in residential energy codes, are dedicated to delivering cost-effective solutions for new homes nationwide. Ensuring compliance with codes and incorporating affordable, efficient features, they tackle projects across the country.

When faced with the challenge of showcasing their service’s value to new homeowners, traditional tools fell short. Text lacked engagement, illustrations lacked a 3D element, and capturing home features in real life proved challenging for video.

Choosing innovation, Nelson partnered with PinkSquare for a 3D construction animation that offered a comprehensive view of their services. The video, featuring visual and audio elements, effectively communicated the challenges faced by homebuyers and showcased how D.R. Nelson & Associates measured and optimized various home features for cost and performance. It also highlighted the efficacy of the Nelson energy seal in insulating the home’s interior, emphasizing additional benefits the company provides.

The resulting video, a creation of PinkSquare, is not only shareable across diverse platforms but also stands out as a cost-effective marketing solution that encapsulates the entirety of D.R. Nelson & Associates’ services, telling the complete story to consumers.

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