The D.R. Nelson & Associates company are residential energy code experts responsible for providing cost effective solutions for new homes. They work all over the country ensuring residential properties are up to code and equipped with features that are affordable and efficient.

The company faced a roadblock when trying to create a sales tool that would show the value of their service to new homeowners. Text can be difficult for people to consume and it doesn’t paint the full picture. Illustrations lack a 3D element. Video is more effective but features in a home are difficult to capture in real life.

Nelson decided to partner with PinkSquare for a 3D video that would provide a comprehensive outlook of their services.

The video included visual and audio elements sending a clear message to consumers. It touched on the challenges home buyers face when building a new home.  It showed various home features and how the company measured each for cost and performance. It illustrated how the Nelson energy seal works to insulate the home’s interior while touching on other benefits the company offers.

The video PinkSquare produced is sharable across a wide variety of platforms. It is a cost-effective marketing solution that tells the whole story.

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