In only 2 minutes Orbesen shows their consumer product – Univent mechanism – and how to install it. They also managed to present how to open, close and secure windows all year round and what you need to do to maintain it with the help of 3D animation. 

The video has the power to demonstrate what are the main features of a specific consumer product. Also, it tells the viewer how it works, and how they can use it. It’s completely different from images since it can show depth with 3D.

Moreover, the animation can display the parts of the product that you couldn’t normally show with pictures. It’s exactly why the video explained how you set up Univent from Orbesen. The customer now has enough information on hand to use the product efficiently.

How 3D Animations Help Your Business?

Whatever industry you’re in, 3D is an extremely valuable tool. It enables you to get to the customer and explain difficult processes and product features.

It can place the product in specific surroundings and demonstrate how it looks in real life. Be it a consumer product, an industrial product, or a construction product, it can be presented with the help of video.

Whenever you book collaboration with us, we at PinkSquare take care to explain our approach and the steps we take throughout the process of making the final video. Your only homework is to bring us your ideas to the table and give us comments and feedback during the video production.

As experts in the field, our team ensures your next 3D animation video will show off your product in a new and interesting way. It’s time to boost those sales and bring in new customers. Go ahead and seize the power of the video. But first, make sure to request a quote from us.

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