The My Everlights company provides permanent outdoor Christmas lights that are advertised as being the easiest and most efficient way for consumers to decorate their homes. The lights are programmable and can be controlled with a switch, smart outlet, or home automation. They come in a wide range of colors, and they can be customized for any holiday or event. 

From the Everlights website, potential buyers can see how creative and beautiful the lights are and imagine how festive they might look in their own homes. But despite installation being a key selling point, this is not something that is easy to convey with a few images.

No matter how much a customer might like the idea of programmable, permanent lighting decorating their home, the thought of expensive or complicated installation could prevent a purchase. My Everlights needed a way to demonstrate the easy installation so that any potential buyer would feel confident he understood and could manage the process. 

Even an in-person video of someone installing the lights would not work, as viewers may not be able to see what exactly is being done. With 3D product animation, however, every detail is clearly demonstrated. 

The video PinkSquare created for Everlights provided viewers with a comprehensive look at exactly how the lights are installed. It takes viewers on a journey of the different parts of the home showing how holes are drilled into each section. It then illustrates how the lights are inserted behind the fixtures and secured onto the home permanently and discreetly.  

The video rendering provides Everlight with an affordable solution for showing consumers how easily the lights can be installed via a format that can be shared across various platforms quickly removing what might otherwise be an obstacle in their decision to purchase. 

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