Founded in 1991 in New Hampshire, Mikros Technologies has evolved from manufacturing micro-jetting products to becoming a leader in microchanneled liquid cooling technology for electronics. Since 2014, their flagship product has empowered innovation, finding applications in data centers, IGBTs, MOSFETs, laser diodes, electric vehicle power systems, and semiconductor testing.

PinkSquare’s 3D product animation spotlights Mikros Technologies’ latest release—the Mikros Peaks series of cold plates. This animation intricately details the three cooling performance levels—Ascutney, Monadnock, and Katahdin—each named after beloved New England mountains. It serves as an educational tool, providing viewers with insights into the cutting-edge technology behind each model.

This collaboration reflects Mikros Technologies’ commitment to pushing the boundaries of electronic cooling, offering state-of-the-art solutions. The 3D product animation by PinkSquare not only showcases innovation but also reinforces Mikros Technologies’ regional roots and dedication to providing efficient and versatile cooling solutions for electronic components.

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