The Micro Products Company has over 90 years of experience and their high-performance Micro-Weld butt welders are sold all over the world. These machines are helping with increasing productivity and quality of produced end products.


In this 3D industrial animation by PinkSquare, you can see the AD series butt welder. This series is engineered for cost-efficient welding of aluminum, copper, and brass, for continuous processing of wire, rod and cable products. 

It offers:

  • A unique two-stage upset with a low to high-pressure mechanism
  • Controls for precise selection of heat and spacing
  • Dual clamping pedals that are foot controlled for easy placement and adjustment
  • Heavy duty clamping mechanism that is pneumatically controlled and offers positive positioning 
  • For precise heat settings it uses SCR electronic weld heat control


The 3D product animation shows the butt welder, how it works, and its different controls.

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