The Dantherm Group is responsible for manufacturing heat pumps and dehumidifiers under the Calorex brand. They have built a reputation as leaders in the industry and are known for their durable and efficient products. Their energy saving equipment works in various applications in the industrial drying, cooling and ventilation space.

The company recently designed a new inverter product range which serves as an energy saving solution for heating pools. However, they faced challenges when coming up with methods to best show the consumer how their product worked. They wanted a vehicle that would illustrate where to position the product so as not to block air circulation while serving as an instructional tool for how their app worked with the fan.

PinkSquare’s 3D product animation served as the ideal solution.

The video showed exactly how the air circulated from the fan allowing the viewer to understand why certain installation locations would work better than others. It offered a magnified illustration of the app and its functions, providing an insider’s view that would be impossible to achieve in a live video. Then it took the viewer through the fan’s functions pointing out its energy efficiency and functionality.

Pink Square provided Dantherm with a shareable, cost effective marketing tool that lets consumers know exactly what to expect from its product. It serves as an engaging vehicle for increasing engagement and boosting sales.

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