El Dorado Tools is known for providing top cutting industrial tools. When they needed a vehicle to show how their gun drilling equipment worked, they turned to PinkSquare for a 3D animated video solution.

It is difficult to see exactly how a drill works. Once the drill is inserted into an object, it is obscured from view so you can’t tell what it’s doing.

The 3D animated video PinkSquare created provided an interior view of how the drill worked so you can determine how effective it will be.

The video starts by showing the drill’s appearance so you can see its details. It then illustrates how the drill penetrates into the material burrowing deeply and then releasing liquid into the cavity. It ends with the retracting phase so the viewer can see how it neatly completes the process.

The video PinkSquare created provides a clear view of how the drill operates showing inner workings that wouldn’t be visible in a live format. There was no need to hire actors so it was an affordable option that can easily be shared across a wide variety of platforms. It is brief and to the point and it serves as a powerful selling tool for the company.

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