Our creative team at PinkSquare has created this 3D Medical Device Animation of Fibrant™ Anchor Ultimate Fixation Sleeve in collaboration with Isto Biologic.

Isto Biologic is a leader in biologic and cellular therapy within the orthopedic space. They are dedicated to improving the quality of life of patients with their advanced solutions for spine, orthopedics, and sports medicine.

They have been looking for the best way of presenting their new product for the product launch of the Fibrant™ Anchor. That is why they have decided to reach out to us at PinkSquare asking if we could help them with that by creating a 3D animation of their product, which will show how it works.

In the 3D medical device animation, we can see Isto Biologics Fibrant™ Anchor. Fibrant™ Anchor is a 100% cortical fiber fixation sleeve. This sleeve provides ultimate strength and stability for pedicle screws. It is designed to fit screws of various diameters and to resist downward migration during insertion.


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