PinkSquare proudly unveils our collaboration with Isto Biologic—a leader in orthopedic biologic and cellular therapy—through a cutting-edge 3D Medical Device Animation featuring the Fibrant™ Anchor Ultimate Fixation Sleeve.

Isto Biologic, renowned for advancing patient quality of life, approached PinkSquare to visually showcase their groundbreaking Fibrant™ Anchor for an upcoming product launch. Our animation succinctly captures the essence of this innovative sleeve, designed with 100% cortical fiber to provide unmatched strength and stability for pedicle screws. Its versatile design accommodates screws of various diameters, ensuring adaptability, while its unique resistance to downward migration during insertion enhances surgical precision.

This collaboration not only underscores the synergy between PinkSquare’s creative expertise and Isto Biologic’s commitment to cutting-edge solutions but also presents a visually compelling narrative for the Fibrant™ Anchor’s introduction into the orthopedic market. Join us in exploring the future of orthopedic solutions through this dynamic fusion of technology and medical innovation.


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