Engineered Materials Solutions’ history goes way back to 1916, when the company that would once become EMS, was founded. They started by creating specialty clad metals for the local jewelry industry. The start of producing clad metals was when they created a product that included materials that were on the surface precious metal, which was needed for the jewelry industry, but they were combined with additional metals which had reduced precious metal content and cost.

The company had continuous growth and in 1952 (then under the name Metals & Controls) they invented Pressure Temperature Bonding. Until today this is the most used method for producing Clad Metal. Because of their expertise, they have been chosen by the United States Government to be the first commercial fabricator of uranium fuel rods.

After merging with Texas Instruments in 1959 their good reputation continued to grow, and during this period, they achieved the development of a complete line of Thermostatic Bimetal products and much more.

In 2000 they have become Engineered Materials Solutions, which reflects exactly what they are providing ever since 1916. Today they provide Clad Metals using PT Bonding, warm bonding, inlay cladding, and side-to-side cladding. With their sister companies in the Wickeder Group, they are striving to deliver the best of metal.

PinkSquare has collaborated with EMS on creating a 3D industrial animation called “How SIGMAclad becomes SIGMAclad” for a conference they have attended. The animation shows how the end product is produced and helps potential customers to better understand the product. EMS has used this animation for a conference.


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