Sometimes it’s difficult to imagine how construction processes work. Close-ups and details in 3D videos manage to display just that. This video from Eluxnet shows the features of their architectural LED light fixture and demonstrates how they can be assembled.

Often times, people can’t comprehend what you’re trying to illustrate, even if you use more than one medium to do it. The details in the product are difficult to explain to a person who has never seen it. Images aren’t of great help, as well.

However, a 3D construction animation is a magnificent tool to display everything from start to finish. It lets you see how you attach the fixture, what is consists of, how it operates, and how it looks in the final stage of the process. In other words, it leads the viewers through the whole story and can pinpoint the most important parts with a few frames.

Legato from Eluxnet is a product that might be confusing at first, but the power of 3D animation gives you the ability to present it to your audience easily and efficiently. Be it for marketing purposes, events, or presentations, a video can explain a specific procedure in under a minute, whereas you would spend half a day explaining with pictures.

This could not only take your time but also your resources. It could get really tricky if you’re working with a tight budget.

Luckily, PinkSquare comes to the rescue. We are a dedicated team that makes the perfect 3D animation video for your needs. When you have to present your product to a group of people in no time, make sure to message us. You will get a top-notch 3D construction video like the one for Legato. Make sure to contact us to get your quote as soon as possible.

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