The Ecco company was founded in Denmark in 1963. They are global leaders dedicated to manufacturing innovative footwear designs for ladies, men, and children. The company recently partnered with PinkSquare on a 3D product animation for their new golf shoes.

The video starts off by showing the attractive upper, but it really concentrates on the sole of the shoe. You can clearly see the many layers that make up the sole including one made of carbon fiber, a material that can be ten times stronger than steel. It also shows the shoe’s bolt-like cleats which offer the ultimate traction on the golf course.

The 3D characteristics provide viewers with angles they would not see in a flat 2D presentation. The animation shows the various layers of the sole and the thickness of the cleats. It turns the shoe at various angles without obstructions illustrating the item’s design and aesthetic. The black background makes this 3D animation suitable for a hologram.

The product PinkSquare created is efficient, and sharable across a variety of platforms and it lets customers know exactly what to expect when buying the shoe. This makes it a terrific element of Ecco’s marketing campaign that was used for a hologram fan.


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